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About anbeegod

I am the director and head writer of the epic Skyrim quest mod Shezarrine - The Fate of Tamriel, also responsible for voice actor recruitment as well as voice acting direction.

I have also made other custom-voiced follower mods such as Caesia and Livia, in cooperation with talented voice actors; and I wish to enrich my game development and writing experience to become a competent member in the video game industry.

  • @anax

    Anbeegod brought me onto their Shezzarine Skyrim mod as a generic Cultist and provided an extra Noble role for me. What impresses me most is the daily updates they provide to everyone involved. The level of transparency is unparalleled. I appreciate the fact we get day-to-day progress reports and specific, enumerated tasks they plan to work on. This shows dedication to finishing a project, which oftentimes I find more important than a great idea that never gets realized.

  • @pepperonpages

    @anbeegod is incredibly professional. They always let their colleagues know exactly what they want from them. They are clear and concise. They are helpful and quick to respond. Plus, they willingly give out great tidbits of advice. I hope I can work with them again soon!