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About Skyhunter Original Audio-book

Disclaimer! The Voice Acting will be done 'Live' with other people, there will be no sending files. 
(A work in progress, yet, no actual deadline. It'll be extended as much as possible. The picture is a placeholder, till an Artist is paid.)

Skyhunter is a personal work of mine, that i decided to share. My name is Martin and i see it as more of a hobby, i was writing the novel for a long time and i required some inspiration so i would like to see how other people would interpret these characters.

The story isn't done, yet, but i'll promise that i will finish it and we'll reach the 200 page mark. Every chosen Voice Actor requires Discord, and will be credited in the story. I wanted to realize the story, on Youtube, so people can enjoy a story i previously only shared with close friends.

More characters will be added.

This will be work done by many, currently, me and Blairlex made some finishing touches to the first two chapters. And there's so much more to come, now, to the summary.

Quick Summary:
The Planet of Eredus, an almost fully water-covered world with cities propelled far into the sky by the use of steam and impressive machinery.  Airships of the strongest kind litter and roam the skies. Braylon Ohara, a notorious scoundrel, and Mercenary has been caught by the Empire of The Goddess. A fanatical civilization constantly at war with The Kingdom of Kelmaria. He was on a quest to cure his companion, Alice, who is suffering from Eternal Life. But to do so he has to reach the Dunes, the only landmass remaining on the planet. Taken through twists, and turns.

The Kingdom of Kelmaria, the 'civilized' kingdom with a Queen ruling with an iron-fist, yet keeping her cards close to her hand. Named after the First Queen Kelmaria. Worships Pletunia, the God of War and Justice.

Empire of the Goddess is a fanatical cult-like civilization that prays to the Goddess Marianne, the God who created the giant flood and removed most of the landmass on the planet. They believe that through their worship to the deity they will be unharmed if another catastrophe happened.

Savannah of the Dunes is a people living alongside the deity The Serpent God, a massive snake capable of diving through the sand. Almost the size of the biggest city on Eredus. They mostly live in harmony but are extremely hostile to outsiders. They lack a functioning military and decent Sky-ships.

The Gods are very much real. 
May the Serpent guide you.

Edit/Update: Auditions have been pouring in, I will filter them shortly and send all auditionees a private message about their performance.

If you require more Information, join the Discord:

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold