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About gamejunkiez

Hey Everybody
Thanks for coming to check out my profile, it's cool to know that people are interested!

What I do
I'm a freelance voice actor who's looking to take part in a variety of different projects! If you would like to message me about your project, feel free to do so under the different methods in the "How To Contact Me" section of my profile.

How to Contact Me
If you're interested in contacting me, here are the best places to do so in order of efficacy.

  • Discord: Gamejunkiez#8204

  • Fiverr:

If you cannot reach me on any of these links; then I am probably dead.

Thanks for coming to check out my profile, and I hope you find what you're looking for!

  • @deleted117354

    An outstanding job!
    In my experience, they are easy to work with, and far surpassed more than expected.