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About (SGA) Fetish Giantess Growth Animations

Who’s SGA?

Hi! I’m SGA, or Sizebox Growth Animator. I make fetish giantess animations for youtube, as well as audio stories featuring muscle growth and weight gain on deviantart. (If you don’t feel comfortable with portraying some of these, then that’s okay! Just inform me and I can give you only scripts for ones you’re comfortable with.)

Am I auditioning for one role?

Auditions on here are general ones so I can hear how you sound. If you are contacted by me and let onto the team, you’ll be given scripts as I write them, though if you don’t feel comfortable with a particular script, I’d happily take it back. Being on the team is an ongoing occurrence until you wish to depart or I wish to terminate our working relationship.

It’s PAID?

Yes! Although the prices listed next to the roles are based on average payments made to some VAs, your payment will vary depending on how many/how difficult the scripts you record are. Payments are made via paypal.

Is it NSFW?

All content I produce is fetish-related, though as it is mainly published on youtube, videos contain no nudity or sex. Occasional audiobooks may be more NSFW, but if you wish to stick to purely fetish voicing, that’s entirely feasible, just let me know.

What requirements do I need to meet as a VA to be accepted?

All VAs I work with must be over 18, even if they only intend to do fetish voicing. A decent sounding microphone is also required.

Do you set deadlines?

I personally have a policy not to set deadlines. I don’t know how your life is structured, so I don’t know when it would be feasible for you to record. However, I do appreciate fairly swift returns if possible, preferably within two weeks of receiving the script.

Do I have to audition here?

No! If you'd rather send me your audition via email, discord or anywhere else I'd see it, feel free! As long as I can get back to you, it counts!

I have a question!

Great! You can leave a comment on the casting call if you have a general question that others may find useful, or if it’s a more private question you can email me or send me a discord message!

Email: sizeboxgrowthanimator @ gmail .com (without the spaces)

Discord: SGA#3552

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold