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Lunava's Previously Completed Works

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    About Sealed Fates (Trailer)

    Hello, nice to meet you! I've recently started working full time, and I've decided I'd like to spend some of that money on a project that means a lot to me! What started as my first official time as a dungeon master has become something way bigger, and a friend and I have been looking into making it a series. But before I get too ambitious, I decided to start with a trailer, even though I have a full season planned out. This will not be a high budget project, so if you're a professional full time voice actor or artist/animator, this may not be the project for you. However, if you're an aspiring or beginner voice actor or artist/animator looking to earm a bit of money an experience, then hopefully this will be something fun for you!

    Sealed Fates is very much a found family facing tragedy and hardships in the medieval/fantasy setting, with lots of elements of humour sprinkled in.

    Also, be aware, there may be characters added over time, and even by the time this audition closes, there will likely still be more characters to cast! For example, as of right now I don't plan to put up the main antagonist of the series, as she doesn't come into the story in person for quite a while.And, many of the antagonists will eventually flip sides, because a theme in this story is that good people do bad things for a reason, and anyone can change for the better if they're willing, and sometimes they're just plain acting to protect someone they love. In other words, if you audition for an antagonist, you may not be an antagonist forever, same goes for a 'good' character. Additionally, if you audition and are cast for an extra, you may be kept in mind for future roles, so it might be a good idea to do!

    The explainer video is the concept intro my friend made, it showcases a few characters, so definitely check it out! There are also several mini sketches and vines showcasing some character personalities, so if you're interested in possibly knowing a little more about a character, definitely take a look around her channel, they're all on the same channel as the intro!

    Feel free to audition for as many characters as you like, even if you don't think you'd fit them too well, because you never know! Audition for any character you're interested in playing! As for artist auditions, tell me a bit about yourself, and leave me your discord information, and I'll send you part of a scene concept for the first episode. Also, voice actors, please only audition if you intend to play the role long term! I have no idea if it will get that far, but if by some miracle it does, I REALLY do not want to have to recast people, although I will if necessary. Either way, have fun with your auditions!

    Finally, here are a few major things I'll be looking for when I cast someone:

    Emotional expression/line delivery

    Good audio quality

    And you must have discord as that's how we'll be communicating!

    About the Creator: lunava

    I do some voice acting on occasion, and I also have a Youtube channel where I mostly do song covers, but I've been looking to move more into gaming and things in the future. Aside from that, I really enjoy voice acting, it's a lot of fun and has been something I've been interested in for years now!

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