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About Piper1

Educated Voice Actor, YouTuber, Writer.

I've done work for radio audio-dramas, trailers, corporate videos, video-games and animated characters. Deep voice, capable of Baritone vocals. Capable of adjusting my voice to specifications of client.

Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Brendan Hunter
Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Deb Munro
Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 301

Instructed by Deb Munro
  • @jaijuu

    Andre was pleasant to work with. He was receptive to feedback and gave me a really quick turnaround with his recordings! Overall awesome dude, definitely recommend 10/10!

  • @minister-zazbog

    Piper was by far the best person I’ve worked with, he gave his lines on time and followed the emotions the character was portrayed with. He is very underrated and I hope he gets a very good career in the VA industry.

  • @julioverse-creator

    As a starter in this part of voices, I would never expect to someone to have such a incredible voice and very impressive voice acting!
    He was such incredible ways to represent characters, only by his voice and great audio jobs!
    The emotions and ways of perform the characters are simply amazing!
    I recommend this voice actor a lot! He is an incredible person and voice actor!

  • @-angel-edits-

    When voicing for my series, Piper did a brilliant job in executing his lines. Not only is he able to set a scene, but is able to speak with emotion and emphasis. If you're looking for someone who meets deadlines and speaks with passion, I recommend him.

  • @fluffyenderpug

    Piper is very time efficient and delivers each line amazingly. I'd recommend working with him

  • @cswat

    Andre was a late joiner to the project but that clearly didn't discourage him from giving it his all. This is a voice actor with a GREAT deal of range. In our first call he pulled out 4 different interpretations for the character and had me genuinely rethinking the direction for the role because they were all so fitting.

    When he delivered the final lines, he insisted that everything be satisfactory before payment. And, boy, were the delivered lines great. Some of them genuinely had me laughing for minutes and I still smile when I hear him voicing the character. I'd recommend Piper1 to anyone interested in a professional voice actor who can deliver top-quality work.

  • @nao-nauno

    Piper is one of the first voice actors I have commissioned on CCC and he did an amazing job. He was also very friendly to me and this is something I really appreciate. Great job! Definitely recommending his voice.

  • @lovely-productions

    Piper voice acted for me in my mini movie called "The Dreamer". He played a supporting husband role and he did an amazing job at it! I could clearly hear the emotions in his voice. He is really nice to talk to and he will always be keeping up with any updates given. This is someone who I would enjoy working with again.

  • @belphegor-prime

    I had absolutely no idea what voice type I wanted for a particular character, and Piper became an instant choice with his read. He's also very easy to work with and delivered his lines well ahead of the deadline. Definitely keeping him in mind for future projects!

  • @vaxla

    I cast Piper to be a narrator on my team's small documentary project. Despite it coming to a short hiatus, Piper remained in contact, following up frequently, sending out revisions and new lines almost instantly. It was a pleasure working with him.
    If you need professional talent, look no further.

  • @ghostbabble

    I've worked with Andre Piper on a previous and now a current project and I must say, his voice is one of the most flexible and soothing I've ever heard. He's such a great asset on any team and it's always a pleasure to speak with him. Great guy, great voice! Nothing more to be said! (he's that good)

  • @somewhatheroicproductions

    Starting in the summer of last year, I began working with Piper on my full Senyu Fandub. In that span, I discovered that Piper is a talented, wonderful to work with VA. He voiced the slimy, sneaky King character in the fandub.

    Throughout the beginning of the project, we worked together on creating the perfect voice for the character, and he worked hard with me to create the perfect voice for the character (the perfect shady, and sort of cowardly voice I was looking for the character). I think he delivered when recording lines for the final project, and I am very happy to have worked with Piper during this fandub.

    I most definitely recommend working with Piper for his energy, reliability, and being extremely easy to work with, and I'd love to work with him again in the future.