Experienced voice actor, writer and show runner.www.youtube.com/teddhazardBooking: [email protected]

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About Tedd_Hazard

My name is Tedd Hazard, I've been a voice actor, writer and animator since 2014. I've done voices for:

-Krust Toons

-Whine and Dine

-Tedd and Simon: The Animated Series

-Total Crap

-Life is Pain

-Spare Change

-Humor Waffle

-Petey and Pile

-Pee Pop




-Zodiac Task Force

-Twisted Tangent

-Pendant Audio

-World Empire

-Stars and Beyond

-The Cosmic Freeway

-Minecraft: Curse of Herobine

-The Fantastic Five




-Sandwich Man Live!

-Hammond's Place

-Space Heater

-Neck TV

Booking: [redacted]



What Tedd_Hazard is looking for

Anything animation, comedy, audio drama, or commercial. I do great villain voices but I'm also really good at comedy.

  • @peepop

    Tedd Hazard is one of the best voice actors in the game, hands down. You want funny? He's hilarious! You want angry? He's the angriest!

    I don't know how or when King Midas touched this guys throat, but everything that flows forth is gold 🤷‍♂️🔥

  • @matthewtstratton

    Holy Wow! .... is what I think every time I listen to the performance that Tedd did for my last project. He is an amazing voice talent who gives quality work in a timely manor. Extremely easy to work with and a joy at that. I would be overjoyed at the opportunity to work with him again on future projects. I highly recommend Tedd for any role, in any project, he is that good.