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Timcampbe's Previously Completed Works

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    About Sci Fi Audiobook, Crimson River: Genesis

    Novel description

    A Sci Fi fantasy about Mallissa Kugly, an every day librarian one day, the next waking up queen of the entire galaxy of Crimson River. With such unwarrented responsibility, she must come to terms with her new role and her mysterious new abilities quickly as she unravels a deep plot of hate and despair.

    A novel with a strong, real, female lead and dynamic cast of characters. Real people who happen to live in a Sci Fi universe.


    Bringing it to life

    I'm gathering a cast to bring this book to life for people who simply don't have the time to sit down and read a whole novel.  I'll fulfill a few roles and be mixing all the audio together.

    A sample audio (Please forgive me, I'm rusty with sound acting, lol, and I am not a right fit for Cambia. Please do not copy how I did Cambia) A scene between Cambia Seh and Selim far into the book: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gwi69wjvylyc83q/Selim-Cambia-Scene.wav?dl=0

    Payment for Mallissa

    Most of these roles are voluntary, whoever wants to have a good time and work with me bring my barf of imagination to life.

    However, I know both Mallissa roles are very demanding and take up a vast majority of the book. One being the main narrator of the story, and the other the main protagonist. I'm not a rich man, lol, but I am willing to pay a commission of $50 to each of the Mallissa roles and a thank you for their hard work. It's not good pay, but it's what I can give.

    The author

    My name is Tim "J" Campbell, and my job by trade is a comic artist. I'm currently the art editor for an online fan comic called "Archie Sonic Online, a fan continuation." http://archiesoniconline.com/board/index.php

    I have an ATA degree in digital media. The degree also had focus on story structure and paradigm to truly understand plot, characters, and what makes a dynamic, great story. My strengths are in developing characters and dialogue.

    I have extensive experience in working with people and in teams. To promote creativity and let the art develop dynamically.

    Further details

    The novel itself is around 86,000 words. It has Christian themes, but not preachy. It is a Sci Fi novel which simply has certain assumptions based on Christian beliefs.

    I'd prefer, but not require, we'd communicate with eachother over Skype to keep connected and give quick reviews of lines and answer questions. I'm on PST and will try to make myself available as much as possible.

    About the Creator: timcampbe

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold