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About Hyrule Warriors Redux

Hyrule Warriors Redux is a fully voice acted fan dub of the video game, Hyrule Warriors (2014). Provided with a full English dub of the main story campaign in Legend Mode, as there is no official English voice acting provided in the original game. Produced and distributed as a voice acting project by ZeldaUniverse (

The "Redux" of this dub series entails of a revival, and in this case, we're bringing it back to completely remaster our original dub from Hyrule Warriors from 2015. Hyrule Warriors Redux is slated to be released in Early 2018, split into a four part, episodic series.

How long do you need to be on board with the project if you're cast? Here's what you can expect:
September 8 - October 6: Audition time
October 7 - October 13: Casting Process
October 13 (at the latest): Cast List revealed
October 13 - 20: Recruting cast members who made the project & beginning production. DO PLAN TO ATTEND AN ALL CAST MEETING DURING THIS TIME FRAME.
October 13 - December 31: Voice work with director and staff. Be available during this time frame for line work and recording.
January 1 - March 1: Episodic releases (four episodes) & final cast meeting.

When auditioning, remember these guidelines:
-You may audition for as many roles as you'd like. No limit!
-Do not harass or discourage other actors or their auditions; this is meant to be a friendly environment, and we want everybody to have a professional experience.
-No age limit; so long as they meet CastingCallClub's rules and guidelines.
-Voice acted roles are all voluntarily. We don't provide paid roles at this time.
-We recommend using a quality microphone when auditioning; we need to be able to hear you & provided with little to no background noise.
-Have fun! This is a Zelda dub after all, and if you're not having fun, then don't "tri" and "force" it! ... I'll see myself out.

If you plan to audition, EMAIL us your resume and/or demo to voices [at] zeldauniverse [dot] net. This way we can get a bigger impression on your vocal performance, and let us know of your experience, if applicable.


The story:
As the tales of The Legend of Zelda series goes, a great evil consumed Hyrule, until one day a hero in green stopped the malicious force and restored piece to the land. In order to prevent the evil from reincarnating, to repeat the cycle of destruction, the hero split the evil's fragments, sealing them away across time and space. Until now, that evil has shown signs of returning, in new ways than before. It's up to the princess, Zelda, to discover the newly reborn hero of the land, and stop the evil from returning to its former glory.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold