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Jek Panda's Previously Completed Works

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About Project Convergence | Minecraft Roleplay | MCPE Roleplay | Animation


Hi there, and thank you for checking out our Casting Call Club for Project: Convergence! Project: Convergence is a Minecraft Roleplay/animation hybrid that revolves around a group of childhood friends that split up because of a tragic incident that results in the loss of one of their friends. The group of friends doesn't get back together until their first year of college, when they unexpectedly all end up attending the same university.  They all try to mend their relationship, but things go very south as the old friend that caused their breakup returns with a thirst for vengeance. 

More Information:

My co-director and I want to push the limits of this series. We have a very personal connection to the story and the characters, and so we want to go the extra mile to serve this series justice.

We plan on not only filming the majority of the series in Minecraft, but we also plan on animating some segments with a 2D/3D hybrid style. We also plan on composing some pieces for the OST, as well as adding drawings along the way to make the series feel more stylistic.


As of right now, we are only looking for voice actors, so:

-You must be at least from 14-17 years old (everyone working on this project is also in that age range).

-You need decent sounding audio.

-You must be open to a long(ish)-term project, and you also must be able to work with a schedule (I'm pretty lenient though lmao).

-You should be okay with handling slightly mature themes (minor swearing, slight gore, dark themes).


Unfortunately, we can't supply payment, as we are not profiting on this series nor do we intend on doing so anytime in the future. This is all for experience and trying to get better at film and storytelling.

Other Notes:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, either through DMs on the Casting Call Club website, or on my discord @jakatosan#9137. You can also contact my co-director, Zach, on his discord @TheMobKing123456#1079.

Please note that the skins shown for each character may not be final, and that their designs may change at any moment before production begins.

Thank you for checking out our project!

About the Creator: JekPanda

Hiya! I'm Jek, and I have a YouTube channel named JekPanda. I am currently studying film production and animation, and I create films every now and then to post to my channel. I mainly made this account for casting (I'd be open to do some voice acting, though), but if you ever want to contact me in regards to any projects that I'm working on, please feel free to DM me here or on my discord @ jakatosan#9137. Thank you for checking out my page!

I'm writing this at 2 AM and I'm really tired lmao 😂 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold