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    About Power Rangers: Guardians (Round 1)


    It's known in Multiverse theory that every decision made will create branching timelines. This...is one branch of Time Force's interference with the past:


    For years, the people of earth had relied on the Power Rangers to protect them. They always had the power to overcome the greatest odds. But things have changed. People have forgotten them, and at a bad time, too. New enemies have come to do away with earth some way, somehow. However, a brand new team, one year after the victory of the Samurai Rangers, now stands in their way: The Power Rangers Guardians!

    I'm Gonna Keep This Short:

    This is a live-action web-series I've been meaning to make for a long time, so much so that I plan on getting this funded through Indiegogo eventually (When I actually am able to gain access to the necessary resources to make it happen). It's meant to be a fan-made overhaul remake of Megaforce (Since that season was terrible), and I actually plan to do the Sentai justice, so to speak.

    Ever since RPM began doing reruns on ABC Kids, the idea was always there, albeit going through a major rewrite once I started watching Super Sentai.

    Pretty much, everything about Megaforce is getting a complete overhaul: the plot, the characters, the theme (Or lack thereof), everything. It's gonna be far more faithful to the Sentai than Megaforce failed to be. Simple as that.

    Anyway, this Casting Call is for voice-only roles, meaning all the enemies the Rangers will face that don't have a human form, so to speak. Live-action casting will be done separately and on-location (Which I hope to be in Los Angeles) when filming and production go underway in a few years (Yes, you heard me, I said a few years). I won't get into the details here, as that will be saved for when I launch the Indiegogo page. However, if you want more details on the project itself, send me an email and I'll gladly share what I can without spoiling anything. It might be years before I get certain people casted. So I hope you're patient.

    Anyway, onto my requirements.

    What I Require:

    Okay, so unlike my previous project, my requirements are probably the loosest it's ever been. Mainly because if you get casted, you will be flown to where the series will be filmed (Travel and living expenses paid for in full for you), and you'll have the opportunity to record your lines in an actual studio. But that won't be for a long time. Here are the criteria:

    1. I need to be able to understand you. I don't really care what mic you use, just so long as I can hear you clearly when you speak your lines.
    2. Make sure to reduce background noise if possible. Gets you a better chance to be casted and what not.
    3. Have fun. Give life to the character in your own way.

    And that's about it. This will be the Round 1 call for the first set of characters. There will be potentially four rounds altogether. Just keep that in mind and be sure to come back frequently for updates on things.

    But anyway, good luck audtioning. Have a Morphenomal day, and may the Power protect you, always! IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!

    Contact Information:

    So you can either message me privately on this site, leave a comment, or contact me through these other means if you have any questions about the project:

    Twitter: @Mr_Couver
    Email: [redacted]
    Skype: tsa-swifty94

    P.S. I accidentally published this rather than saving it as a draft, and I'm unable to delete it either, so...yeah. Enjoy.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold