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About Pokemon X Fandub

Quick notes - 
  1. 1. although all the characters are open for auditions, I will be self casting for at least one character! 

  2. 2. No limits on the amount of characters you can be cast as. Audition for as many as you like, but be prepared to voice them all if you are cast!

  3. 3. If you would like any feedback, please PM me! I'd rather give feedback out privately so that I don't show any favouritism. 

A fandub of the game Pokemon X

I've been a Pokemon fan since Gen 4...yeah I joined in the middle XD

However, Pokemon XY have been my favourite games so far, I will admit the overall adventure felt a bit short, but the music was what sold if for me...and Kalos being based in France were the selling points for me, and I decided to do a fandub of X...cause I got X first.

A few of the characters have been cast as saw in the first episode.  And the Protagonist most likely won't speak - so that we can have the viewer feeling like they are the protagonist. But if he speaks then I'll have someone provide the voice, won't be casting on site for him though.

Cast Roles
#Serena -  Daphne Nastasi ~ Players' Rival
#Shauna Bailey Doxey ~ Player's Close Friend
#Grace Alessandra Erza ~ Player's Mother
#Professor Sycamore - BrooklynDizzy ~ Regional Pokemon Professor

OK - Let's answer those question for a bit more info - 

What exactly is this project? A fan dub series on YouTube? A video game? A student film?
-A fandub of the Nintendo 3DS game: 'Pokemon X' JUST X, not Y. 

How long is the intended final product?
-The main scenes will be covered, such as tutorials,  story points, gym leader/elite 4 and champion 'cut scenes.' (no game play as I'm borrowing footage and I'd rather use as little as possible!)  So not too long, but not too short. 

Is it multiple episodes/chapters/books/etc.?
-Not sure about cutting points, but there will be multiple episodes. Episode length will be around 10 minutes, episode 1 was shorter just cause it was the intro. 

What is the time frame for when the project will be completed?
-Recording-wise we should be done by November.
-Upload-wise, should be done by February.

How fast do you require actors turnaround time to be?
-The vast majority of parts will be given 3 weeks to record all their lines, as most characters don't have too much.
-Main, or recurring characters, will be given longer to record their lines, and will receive multiple scripts to break it down.

Any further questions, please just ask!
Good luck!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold