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Helios Games's Previously Completed Works

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    About PAVOR: A Horror Game Coming to PC (Chapter 1)

    What is PAVOR?

    PAVOR is a Horror video game currently in production by Helios Games - an international team of experienced players in the gaming industry. 

    Loosely inspired by La Isla de Las Munecas, PAVOR takes place on a mysterious island in the Gulf of Mexico rumored to be adorned with dolls.

    The truth is much more sinister. Fear is timeless

    We follow multiple protagonists throughout the span of events on the island; the first being Rosa Belmonte.

    What you need to know about this project:

     - Helios Games will be using Chapter 1 to spearhead a crowdfunding campaign to fund further development of PAVOR, and pay for existing and future labor and assets. 

    - This casting call is only for the first Chapter of the game. There will be 5 Chapters total. 

    - Actors will be paid the set amount after delivery and before crowdfunding, AS WELL AS more appropriate pay after the funding of PAVOR. Note: as a Voice Actor myself, I am wary of "rev-share" projects - but we want to at least pay you AN amount for your work.

    - Many months of work have already been put into PAVOR; this isn't a project in the planning stage - this is a project in the execution stage. We expect our crowdfunding to be in motion not long after completing this voiceover work. These characters are featured in this chapter, but may have a line or two in a later chapter.  

    What you need to know about auditioning:

    - You need clean audio. Get it as clean as possible. If you have blankets, now is the time to use them. 

    - You must have a good work ethic and discipline in communication skills. These are as important as your sound. (This mostly means being clear about your scheduling and being respectful.)

    - We would prefer that you be familiar with the Discord app. Helios Games uses this as our primary communication. (There is a possibility that we try a couple directed sessions through Discord or Skype, but we'll cross that bridge when/if we come to it).

    - Important! (isn't it all? Yes.) There are accents/dialects in our scripts. If you have the ability to accurately or natively use the accent, please do so. This is highly preferred

    - However, if you think you can knock the acting out of the park, but the accent just isn't coming to you - give it a normal read. We can adjust for the perfect voice and it just might be yours. 

    - You can audition twice per character (if, perhaps, you want an accented AND non-accented audition). You may also re-do your audition. Please comment and label it "re-done" if you do so! (But please, don't overdo it.)

    Tips and Suggestions:

    - Make strong choices. Take a chance. 

    - Relax. We want you to succeed as much as you do. 

    - Don't be discouraged by other auditions. I would suggest NOT listening to them until you've taken a crack at it. For real. We don't want to hear somebody else's voice and choices coming out of you. We want to hear YOU.

    - Don't worry about upvotes. You could get 40 and still not be chosen for the part. You could be cast with 0 upvotes. 

    - Please feel free to ask questions in the comments.

    - As this is a horror game, we are looking more for realism and authenticity than cartoonishness. We'd rather see true than big

    - Have fun. It's art!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold