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About "My Name Is Napoleon" - Twitch Plays Pokemon Platinum Comic Dub

Somewhere, out there, there have been reports of children manifesting voices in their heads. These voices guide them along a journey, through highs and lows, hardships and good times. Some stories are more well-known, while others have faded into the memories of a few. Out of thirty-one stories, this is the fifth - a gentle, personal story of a young man coming out of his shell and learning to love life and the world he lives in once more.

Napoleon "Leo" Quinn of Sinnoh isn't the friendliest boy, having only one friend in his tiny dead-end town. When his friend, Pearl, runs to him for help to get out of debt, despite everything he feels he's somehow compelled to agree to help out. Maybe it's those voices only he can hear. Maybe not. What follows next is the first twenty four hours of his journey and the pain and revelations he uncovers. Death isn't impossible, and Leo knows that all too well.


Twitch Plays Pokemon? Yep, it's still a thing. However, this is a comic dub of the Platinum run done in May 2014. This run generally ranks highly amongst TPP fans, for the deep character development for both Leo and his Pokemon. This particular comic doesn't go too in-depth about his settled team, but rather about Leo himself, and was one of the defining fanworks for Platinum. The comic is by Njike, and I have received permission to dub it. It can be read here.

The comic dub will be split up into four parts for the sake of yours and my sanity. For this reason, it will have staggered deadlines depending on which part the character first appears in. Characters will not be cast before these deadlines, but I reserve the right to extend any character's deadline as I wish.

8th of July - Leo, Pearl, Dawn, Rowan, Extras (Yakuza dude, TV Presenter 1, AJ), Pokemon (Ursaring, Chim-chan, Napkins)
22nd of July - Johanna, Extras (Johanna's father, Dawn's father, Dawn's mother), Pokemon (Kangaskhan, Bidoof, Starly)
5th of August - Keira's Daughter, Pokemon (Buneary, Shinx, Staraptor)
12th of August - Keira, Young Pearl, Bullies, Extras (Volkner, TV Presenter 2, Nurse Joy)

I do have some criteria for auditioning.

  • I want decent audio quality, the equivalent of a Blue Snowball or higher. Additionally, please minimise any echo by recording under covers if you do not have a proper space set up.
  • Please do no more than three takes of each line. Additionally, make sure the lines are different from each other - the point of different takes is to give multiple perspectives on the same line. 
  • Do not slate. I know who you are, and I know who you're auditioning for. You don't need to tell me. (This does not apply for Extras or Pokemon, please see their descriptions for information)
  • Stay dedicated - I know this is obvious and everything, I just want to ensure it's put on paper. Especially if you're trying out for Pearl, be aware he has a lot of lines.

For your convenience, for major characters I have given some voice references for you to check out. Some have Japanese references as well, if you're more attuned to the seiyuu world. These aren't hard and fast guides, just a way for you to get a feel for what sort of voice I want.

Thank you for reading over this carefully. Now it's time to get onto what you actually want to check out.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold