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About My Hero Academia Stop Motion: Izuku and Bakugo vs All Might

Compared to some other projects in the past where I help out MKFormerW1N and UnraveledPictures TM, this one, funny enough, is a casting call for a project of my own!

Every year, the Stop Motion Animator SwagWave SM hosts a contest tournament where fellow animators go against one another, competing with their best video(s) yet while working on a time crunch. I have been entering this contest for around 4 years now, and I'm really looking forward to giving this year a shot as well! The theme he put for this year due to what we've gone through is "Overcoming Obstacles", and I think that would definitely fit well for a My Hero-esque animation. The deadline for submission in this contest is September 5th, so I'm definitely looking to get things casted quickly!!

NOTE: THIS IS A ONE-OFF VIDEO FOR FUN. Despite Deku knowing Shoot Style, and Bakugo learning of the Quirk early, this video takes place around the space between Season's 2 and 3 and isn't meant to fit the logical canon whatsoever lmao

Premise: Bakugo has learned the origins Deku's Quirk, and soon engages in a fight with him privately on school grounds. However, it would soon come to a halt as All Might enters the fray, claiming he'll expel both students if they don't come together and take his task. Will they be able to best the Symbol of Peace like last time?

Preferred Requirements:

1. Good Quality Mic

2. Extreme Range of Emotion (Shouting, Anger, Distraught, etc lol)

3. Ability to send lines in by a specific deadline

4. Have fun! :D

Thank you all for reading and looking at this casting call, and best of luck! ^^

(Note: Explainer Video is one of my previous entries from last year, Ant Man vs. Godzilla! Take a look to see what my animation is like!)

About the Creator: Merritt Movies

Just a 20 year old who does Stop Motioning, 3D Animating and Abridging for fun!

Attending college currently to get a Degree in Film!

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