Passionate and dynamic Voice Actor with over a year and a half of experience in character work. Bringing your project to life with a powerful performance, Hussein is highly directable and a great team player with a passion to entertain and have fun in the booth.

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About HSE

Hello! I'm HSE and I'm a voice actor.

I'm bilingual, I'm fluent in both Arabic and English.

I'm open and available for work, feel free to send me a message if you need me!

Voice Acting Mastery - 2021

Crispin Freeman's Online Voice Acting Workshop

Instructed by Crispin Freeman

Demos & Samples

Feb. 2021 Character Demo Reel


I always refer to current rate guides (VAC Indie Rate Guide and GVAA Rate Guide) but am also flexible to work within your budget!



  • @pawpaw-greg

    HSE is a very impressive talent. He has a wide range of voices in his arsenal to choose from. His range is so vast, it is suited for a multitude of projects! If you're looking for a top notch player in the game for your project...this guy has it all!

  • @carrymeohio

    HSE is an actor with fantastic range, provides excellent communication, support and ideas to the projects he works with. He is one of a kind, and is a must-cast for any director looking to have someone onboard whose ambition leaps off the screen in all the right and exciting ways.

  • @swih

    Super professional with both their talent and equipment. A very powerful voice giving the character a demanding and ever-present of absolute power within the scene, perfect delivery of lines. Great to work with and very punctual in sending lines way before the deadline. Their voice talent was also complemented with crystal clear audio, no noises or constant gain in the background at all, this person is 100% professional and a great talent.

  • @norris-packard

    Fantastic range while also being super easy and professional to work with.

    But most of all, he can provide some truly epic gravely voices that can fit any badass warrior and/or imposing villain figures.

    A fantastic actor and a true talent to watch out for.

  • @dkvoicesvary

    HSE is a talent to watch! He's incredibly versatile and powerful in his readings, and gives 110% to his projects. It's rare to find someone with equal professionalism and charisma as HSE proves to show. I've enjoyed working with him on "Erai's Destiny" and you will do well to hire him for your voice acting needs.

  • @anadryn

    HSE is an amazingly versatile actor with an incredible range! It has been a pleasure working with him on Erai's Destiny and I hope we can continue to work together on future projects. He is friendly, professional, and incredibly supportive of his fellow performers. He has both the talent and dedication to elevate any voice acting endeavor to the next level and is an asset to any project!

  • @simplymiprii

    HSE is a beyond consistent and impressive voice actor. You won't even believe the levels at which they can create and reanimate a voice for a character. I am so happy to have had them in my cast, and so will you!