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About Mine Mine no Mi (One Piece based Minecraft Roleplay)

This action-packed project is a Minecraft Roleplay based on the extremely popular anime One Piece! Experience all the emotions you can think of in a multi-episode series inspired by this great anime! Experience love, hate, death, sadness, anger, jealous and all the emotions you can think of here! (Note: Most of the characters are up here. Characters that will be used, but are not up here have been already cast before the creation of this casting call. Everyone else is up for grabs!

(Note: The self-cast audition I made was not for me to take the role. It is [horrible quality :/] example of what I want to see in that character. Meaning that he is still up for grabs to anyone!)

1) Have a Minecraft Account if not you can not participate as a body and/or body and voice actor in this series, however, you can still become the voice actor for the character. We recommend having a Minecraft account though!

2) Must have a decent working microphone. I want everything to be clear so that we have no vocal issues when uploading.

3) Can't have too much or too loud background noise. A Little background noise is fine and can be solved very easily. But if you have too much than you are looking at the wrong casting call.

4) Must have a form of voice chat. Most favorably being Skype or Discord but Teamspeak is fine. If you don't have any of these then you cannot join as a voice actor.

1) No form of harassment allowed. I want this to be a friendly and fun series, not a way for people to harass everyone. If you want to harass someone then leave my casting call because I don't tolerate that! (Note: Abusing this rule can have you kicked out as well.)

2) Cursing is allowed to some extent. Using the words most words are fine, but no terms such as referring to someone with derogatory terms will not be allowed and will cost your spot as a voice actor.

3) No Prejudice, Sexist, or Racist remarks towards anyone. You shouldn't insult or downgrade someone because of their Religion, Sex, or Race. 

4) No threating anyone. Threats towards anyone will have you remove and you won't be giving a second chance.

5) The final rule. Respect everyone in this series, not just me. If you're not being respectful in the roleplay to spice it up that is fine. But out of character you must treat everyone like how you would treat me.

And that is all you need to know for the Roleplay! If you match up to these requirements and are willing to follow these rules then go ahead and start casting for auditions! Most importantly have fun, be yourself, and try your best while doing this! :)

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold