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About Love Poems at the End of Our Lives (Poetry Book Trilogy)

This project is going to be a series of three character driven poetry books that portray various stages of the same story.  The books are done.  All but one of the books is in print.  The entirety of the books can be listened to (read by me) on my YouTube channel.  (I am also going to write another sequel called The Revenant, which I have not started writing yet.)

The three books were or will be published by Melodium House, except for the first one.

These books are Love Poems at the End of Our Lives,  The Last Poem, and The Penultimate Poems.

They follow primarily six characters.  First The Poet (male), who is often viewed as a different version of the author. (6899 words)

The second character is Serenity (female), a young woman, atheist and punk rock poet, brimming with passion while she was alive, who was murdered on the last day of high school. ( 17913 words)

The third character is Pain, (male)  a character that Serenity was in love with and takes her loss harder than any other person in their school.  (12754 words)

The fourth character is The Friend, (male) who was a friend of both Serenity and Pain and tells Pain things about Serenity he never knew while Serenity was alive. (901 words)

The fifth character is The Storyteller (male) whose voice is only heard in one poem (519 words).

The last is The Witness (male) who has a brief poem at the end of Love Poems at the End of Our Lives (18 words).  The Witness's audition will be his only line.

I am looking for people who can bring the characters to life.  This is a paid gig and I will need you to sign a basic contract before signing on to your part and receiving your first payment

I will also need a narrator who will briefly introduce the title of each book and read the end credits.  

Please record in mono for the final project and use a high quality microphone with no background noise.  

In your audition state the brand and type of microphone you will be using.

Word counts are close approximations,  I acquired by copying and pasting all the required lines into word documents, one for each character.  

Link to my previous project:


About the Creator: JLH3

I am a poet,

My name is Joseph Leo Hickey

I founded Melodium House.

Here is the previous project I worked on using Castingcall.club


Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold