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Hi my name is Sammy Omane and what i like to do is writing stories and my goal is to become a really good writer and to write my own stories... If you want me to make you a story you can ask me by messaging me on here...


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and Writing Stories!

  • @ooglyeye

    Great job.

  • @clare-chan

    Sammy is a really great friend, and makes REALLY funny projects! :D

  • @merp05

    Hub is a really awesome person to work with! Very friendly and funny! I'd definitely come back to work with this amazing person again! :)

  • @geekyvoiceacts

    Hub is a really kind person, who sees the best in everyone he works with! I enjoyed working as a voice actor on one of his projects. Communication was also really clear and frequent. He had an issue hearing my audition but he quickly contacted me to still give me a chance.
    He says he loves making comic dubs to make people happy, and he does an AMAZING job! Keep up the great work and stay awesome!

    -Natalie, GeekyVoiceActs

  • @toni_va

    I honestly loved working alongside Hubworld, such an amazing human being and deserves so much more recognition! Super kind and supportive. I definitely recommend him! 😊

  • @kichi2003

    they were one of the best people to work with.  we got the work done with no distractions and it was amazing.  id happily work with them again

  • @sophiasaunderson

    Really awesome and friendly guy! Super generous as well. Definitely recommend!