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April Dark's Previously Completed Works

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About Loaded Gun | Sims 3 Machinima Series

Hello everyone! Welcome to the casting call for Loaded Gun - a sims 3 machinima series. This series is a remake of my oldest series on my channel from 2016. A year ago, I got a lot of inspiration to recreate it in my new style as a voice-over series. However, this version will be way different, so it's rather a reboot. Some plots may be common, but characters have changed a lot. This series will have 20 episodes, about 25 minutes each. They won't be published regularly, but I will do my best to release at least three per year.

Here's a little about myself. My name is April and I'm Sims machinima director since 2013, but I've been on YouTube for four years. I mostly create sci-fi and fantasy/action series. YouTube Channel


Loaded Gun follows a group of people from the race called Precursors. They are all immortal and have superpowers. Each of them has different temperaments and world view. Will they join forces despite the differences to defeat their enemies and save the world from evil?

The plot may seem to be quite overrated, but I promise that I did everything to write various and full of deep characters. If you're unsure if you want to voice in my series, you can always ask me for the screenplay to decide if this is for you.


- I'm not very picky about accents so you can participate even if you're not American. Acting skills are more important to me.

- Have a good audio quality

- Be able to show emotions like crying or screaming

- Stick to the deadline

- You can change the lines a bit if you feel that they will sound better

- Please, don't drop the project. It will be a long term series. I will try my best to continue it, but I will have way less time this year because of final exams. If you decide to drop it, inform me about it so I could quickly find a new actor\actress.

- You must be okay with LBGTQ+ content

- You must be okay with swearing

- It would be good if you had a discord account so I could add you to my Discord server later.

About the Creator: April Dark

Female | Natalia | 18 | Polish/English

Hello! My name is Natalia (or you can call me April) and I'm a sims machinima director. I mostly record in Sims 3 but I recently started recording in Sims 4.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold