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About Kansas

My demo reel was made with Edge Studio and my mentor Kara Edwards. 

I go by Kansas on here but I'm Tori in real life. I'm a long-time anime and video game fan. I'm looking to sharpen my portfolio with mainly original works. I'm enhancing my skills here to gain as much XP as possible.

Any credit should go to my Twitter & voices profiles: https://twitter.com/toriwiegers,

https://www.voices.com/actors/toriwiegers, & https:/voice123.com/toriwiegers

  • @deleted191665

    An especially enthusiastic, friendly and reliable voice actor. She provided excellent voice work for my project. Would happily work with again!

  • @cawchampionsleague

    Kansas is quite energetic! I loved so much the energy she brought into the role of Christie Monteiro I all but gave it to her outright after listening to it. She can be both a badass and bubbly voice. Looking forward to working with her. Very happy to have her on board.

  • @dcooper

    Kansas is a great voice actor and has a lot potential. especially when she provide her voice for raven on my teen titans fan dub. I would not mind casting her for future projects.

  • @deleted6059

    Her work was beyond expectation, she absolutely owned the role and I am beyond happy, easy to work and conversate with. Highly recommend!