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Ooperlini's Previously Completed Works

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    About Light Of A Guardian | Season 3 | 4 M - 7 F


    Light Of A Guardian is based in fantasy medieval times. The story follows Princess Opal from the kingdom Vara (Var-a). She and her 4 friends who live alongside her in the castle, Arthur, Faith, Emma, and Justin, all live through their pasts with each one of them dealing with a dark backstory such as murder, abandonment, missing parent/s and so on. The story is filled with romance, and side stories while the characters all deal with the main threat know as Ingrid. Ingrid is evil to the core; wanting to overthrow the ruler of Vara to take her "right full place" on the throne as she manipulates the world around her getting what she wants. 


    -  7-8 seasons (expected)
    - 10 episodes a season
    - Episodes are made up of 10 scenes
    - 5 pages per scene (average)
    - 50 pages per episode (average)
    - Audio Drama Formatting
    - Expected Spinoff
    - Season 4 is an exception to normal length presets

    Season 1 - Total 480 Pages - (Without page breaks)

    Season 2 - Total 480 Pages - (WIthout page breaks)

    Season 3 - Total 433 Pages - (Without page breaks)


    - Please be committed to sticking around for 4+ years

    - Be willing to hand your lines in when asked (2 strikes on the third you're out (without reason)) 

    - Be willing to submit your lines in 2 weeks + 2x weeks extension, if needed 

    - Please be 13 or older

    - Please have a reliable audio quality

    - Please pay attention to deadlines

    - Be willing to send it in the requested formating

    - Be willing to do retakes when asked

    Light Of A Guardian is an ongoing, long-term project - To be informed of  project updates, and new characters favourite and follow the casting call on CCC

    About the Creator: ooperlini

    I have been voice acting for 3-4 years, I have been casted for 50+ Roles, not all have gone through or been done on here. I am always open to any role that is thrown at me, Doesn't matter if it is a villain, Main character or even an extra, I will always accept the role and do what ever I can to make it the best role I have ever done. 
    I would like to go professional but currently I know that I need to get my name out there and gain experience.

    I have hobbies in, photography, art, figure skating, and writing. I Also have my own project that has been in the makes for 2 years and is (hopefully) going to air this coming winter. 

    I am currently looking into get new mics either the Blue Yeti (one of the many ones) or Samson C01U Pro. 

    I never really was interested in acting when I was younger, I always thought as having stage fright. I actually avoided acting in grade 6, I started working on a project in grade 7 2015-2016 and have been working on it ever since, most of my casting calls are dedicated to that project actual. When I joined Highschool, my dad recommend that I joined Drama in grade 8. I feel in love with it, and have been taking classes in school for it for the past 2 years, coming on three.  I will be doing my first play Selfie, It will be preformed late November of 2018, and I plan to do more in the future

    Profile: Done By MotherMinix
    Contact Me:
    If you would like to contact me through Pm, I will always respond. Or you can always try my discord. my user name is: ooperlini#4456  Or
    ooperliniva @ gmail. com

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold