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Making my dream of Voice Acting a reality

To start, thank you for taking the time to visit my page and considering my voice for your project. 

What will you get by casting me for the role? You get the performance you envisioned, guaranteed. I record my performances in a sound treated space to ensure the best quality for your project. I make it a point to coordinate with those in charge in order to provide the best performance FOR YOU. I also make it a point to provide you the performance quickly. I am not one to procrastinate, so you can expect a high quality performance long before your due date.

I am quick to respond to messages and comments here on CCC, as well as Twitter (link found on page) and Discord (upon request).

Lastly, I want you to know that without you, I couldn't do this amazing job.  It is important to me that you know that I am extremely professional when it comes to working with you, but I am even more so a fun and relaxed guy who would love to get to know you and the project or just chat and unwind.

Thank you again, and I look forward to creating together!

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  • @deleted299174

    Matt, portraying Ares and Seigen Toda, was a fantastic actor to have on the project. He would always message to follow up on any direction, or lack of, I had given, which often in my case was the latter. He was always demanding feedback on line delivery and forced me to push past my insecurities as a director, making me now more confident, in speaking openly, as a result.
    He and the other cast members helped me enormously on my directorial debut. If you like his audition, then he's a good VA to go for. Rest assured, his thoroughness and diligence will get the best out of the character he’s cast for.

  • @jingert

    A powerful voice for what I asked, and would gladly work with them again if given the chance.

  • @twistedwisdom

    Matt is a very talented voice actor with a wide range of voices! He is super fun to work with and turned in his lines very quickly. Even in the minor roles this guy is pure gold. If you need a reliable guy for your production, don't hesitate to choose him. I can't wait to work with him again. My highest recommendations!

  • @same-old-satellite

    Although having a smaller role in comparison to other voice actors in my project CALLISTO, Matt still brought his all for the role of the AI system CARL. Regardless of the role, Matt brings passion, willingness to take direction/critique, and understood not just who the character of CARL is but what. Could not have asked for a better artificial intelligence, and Matt had a real air of professionalism that I hope takes him to great projects in the future.

  • @aj-kingston

    CARL, being the AI character in the Callisto project, could be a hard one to pull off and make interesting. Being slightly monotonous on purpose while also keeping an air of gravitas would be difficult for most people. I know it was difficult for me, having auditioned for CARL before getting my role as Dr Gibson. Not so for him, giving the dramatic moments their required effect while staying in character as a robotic AI helper. Behind the scenes they were friendly, approachable and made the project generally fun to work on. An all-round great VA.

  • @cailiosa

    Matt is such a good and talented guy! Devoted, passionate and friendly, working with him has always been so much fun! Even tho he was playing an artificial intelligence in Callisto, he's giving nuances to his character with intelligence! Truly professional and mature, I recommend him highly!

  • @sean-lambourne

    A great voice actor to work with. He was professional throughout the whole project and interacted well with the rest of the cast which is something I value just as much as voice acting ability. On that note Matt did incredibly well for his role as an AI. Compelling AI characters are hard to do because they aren't usually able to express the same amount of emotional range as a typical character but Matt brought his best to the character.

  • @habefastro-scribe

    Matt is a brilliant talent.

    He has a multitude of ranges to the point where you can give him a diverse range of characters and each one will sound completely different from the other.

    I was fortunate enough to have Matt play a Cool BadAss, a KindHearted Wise Teacher, and a Vengeful Tragic Hero. Each voice he gave was so unique from the other.

    Matt is also a very good communicator. He does not wait for things to get too late. Rather, he informs of what he needs and asks of what is needed as soon as possible. He makes one appreciate what a blessed trait it is to work with someone who can articulate what must be said with great timing.

    Matt is also very polite, kind, and wise beyond his years. No matter the day one is having, Matt can make it better. He is very much in touch with humanity and a friend indeed when in need.