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    About Insanus / A Sims 2 Project


    This is an ongoing series.  As of current date, there are 3 episodes completed and live on YouTube. The characters available for roles will be closed once I can find the right actor. This is because I want to continue the project asap. So audition quickly for a chance at an immediate role.


    Genre: Drama/Romance/Thriller

    Life is unpredictable and cruel. Don't you agree? Has your past stalked your every move, creating a resistance to never move on? If not , you're one of the few lucky ones. Liam and Ryan was once one of the lucky ones.  Normal on the outside, yet degrading on the inside. Both who come from different backgrounds found they aren't so different after all. Would you call them star-crossed lovers… yet isn't everyone? What about a schizophrenic Romeo who falls in love with a visually disabled Juliet? Just a match waiting to meet it’s fuse. Don't get your hopes up though, this is not your typical love story. Welcome to the struggles of the real world where deception, lust, greed, and death aren't so easy to surpass. You have been warned.   

    **Note** Notice that 2 characters have accents, it is required that if you are able to perform those accents please be sure to include it in your audition. You are still able to audition without an accent if you can not perform it.

    You must have a clear mic. (This is important to keep the voice qualities equivalent)
    Understand that once you are cast, you are agreeing to commit to that role you achieve.
    Meet due dates and deadlines on time.
    Showing emotions is key.
    Have reliable contact information.

    Lines will be submitted into a personal dropbox for your character. This will prevent lines from being lost in a clutter of emails or being sent to spam by accident. Not to mention you can resubmit lines as much as possible with ease.
    I always give a 2-3 week recording period. Your scripts will also be located in your drop boxes. Included in the scripts will also be the due date for those lines.

    I expect lines to always be repeated 3x or more, depending on if your comfortable with what you have.

    When this project is completed I will personally write recommendations for everybody. The completion for your part is when all your personal lines for each script is turned in, not the completion of the project itself.

    I plan to keep this casting call open as long as I need to until the necessary voices are found. Meaning the deadline can be pushed back or come to close a lot sooner than dated. So, please audition as soon as possible so you are not overlooked.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold