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About Female Vocalist Needed for 'Porter Robinson - Get Your Wish' Cover

Hello singers! I'm Kenny Maness and I make music. Right now I'm in the planning stages for an album of cover songs, and one of these songs will be a cover of 'Get Your Wish' by Porter Robinson. I've considered providing vocals for this cover myself, but I feel it would best serve the song if a female vocalist (or at least a vocalist with a higher register) were to do it instead. So I'm opening up a casting call!

This is a long-term project. There are at least several songs I have currently planned, and they all need special attention (maybe more casting calls in the future?). This cover in particular won't be finished until next year, which means if you are cast, then we'll be in correspondence well up until the song is ready for mixing and mastering. However, the time frame is subject to change. You know how these things go sometimes.

That being said, I've also got some requirements! To be considered, be sure you can check these all off:

  • Microphone. Use a high-quality condenser mic or dynamic mic. No snowballs and such.
  • Environment. No room reflections! Singers with treated recording spaces will be given priority consideration. This is particularly important; we need a nice dry recording!
  • Experience. Singers of any experience level are welcome to audition; however, those with training/experience will have an obvious advantage.
  • Performance. Don't worry about having perfect pitch (I'll be making pitch touchups regardless) or about sounding just like the original. All this song needs is a simple, solid performance. So make it count.

Fun Fact! In the original song, instead of featuring a singer with a higher register, Porter Robinson himself performs the vocals and pitches them up. So tenors, if you feel up to snuff, then give it a shot! I'm more than willing to consider anyone of any gender, as long as you're comfortable singing in this song's vocal range.

This is a paid role. Half will be paid up front, and the other half will be paid upon completion of your portion of the project. If you're selected, then you will be paid via PayPal. If you don't have PayPal, we can discuss other means of payment.

For the duration of the casting call, I'll be listening to your auditions and placing them in my own scratch tracks to test your voices. However, I won't be making The Final Decision™ until the deadline. I appreciate your patience. If you've submitted an audition and need to ask me anything, feel free to contact me on Discord. My username is kennzoil#2150 and I'd love to hear from you if you've got any questions for me.

Thank you for your submission, and sing your heart out!

About the Creator: Kenny Maness


Thanks for reading up on me. My name is Kenny Maness (muh-NESS), and I'm a music producer and web developer based in St. Louis, Missouri. I've been involved in music production and technology for a decade, and have used my voice in radio, music, and film, in both the United States and Sweden. I've also been producing and releasing music as half of a duo called Voyage for about a decade. Find us on iTunes and Spotify!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold