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    About Galaktika Gamble

    [UPDATE 8/10/15]


    The deadline is over. Some people are saying I should disqualify anyone that has sent an audition on the 9th and 10th, but since some people have a timezone difference, I'll let it slide for now. However, any auditions I receive after making this message public will have to be disqualified. I'm sorry, but it's just not fair to those that have auditioned on time if I let others keep auditioning past the deadline.It's nothing personal against anyone, so I really hope you understand! I've been listening to auditions over and over, and it is quite hard to pick with so many good auditions. For everyone that has auditioned! Thank you so much for auditioning! Even if you don't get a role listed here, I may be private messaging a few asking if they are interested in roles of extras.

    [UPDATE 7/30/15]

    I've decided to extend the deadline for auditions to Saturday, August 8, 2015. I've decided to do this due to the end of the Summer semester of college. These past few weeks have been VERY busy for us art majors trying to get our finals done(We don't have tests for our art classes, instead we have really big art projects for each class), and next week is our critiques. Once the semester is over(August 5th), I'll be moving off campus. Once that is over, I'll have a lot of free time. Thank you for understanding, and I'm sorry for those who have been excited for the deadline being so close! >.<

    "Life is a game of luck and chance. You win some, you lose some. But what do you do when the whole universe is against you?

    Some people say if you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true. One thing is often forgotten though. A nightmare is also a dream."

    -Neil Doune

    (This is a story that will be separated into two separate visual novels. Please keep this in mind)

    As I finish art for characters, I'll add pictures of them. If you don't care much about the appearance of the character, that's fine too.

    For more info on this project, please check out


    I should've thought of this sooner, but this might help with some of the pronunciation for the star names.


    Basic Plot

    Neil Doune could easily be labeled the most unlucky man in the world. He see's life as one big game of luck and chance, knowing that at anything could happen at any moment, with any choice he makes, any move he makes, or even any word he speaks. Followed constantly by death, the world is literally trying to kill him off and he doesn't know why. He's escaped many natural disasters and other deadly situations, but just barely, causing other people to die in his place. During his childhood, his mother went missing and his twin sister was murdered shortly after. However, no one was able to find her killer. As for Neil's father, he never met him or heard anything about him, and everyone he's known never talked about him either. After another deadly event, leading to the death of a mother and child, Neil yells at the sky in anger. He yells that he wishes to figure out what happened to his family and how it connects to his deadly situations. By accident, he summons a Stellar named Alhena, claiming to be there to help him obtain his wish. However, Neil and Alhena, along with Neil's best friend Ivan and more friends they make along the way, soon realize there are a lot of dark secrets hidden from them, and things are a lot more serious than they realized.

    Stellar Info

    Each star in the sky has a Stellar, an elven-like(In appearance) god/goddess, connected to it. Every 1000 years, if a person makes a wish while looking at a certain star, whether it be on purpose or by accident, the Stellar of said star will accompany them and help them until their wish is fulfilled. Getting help from a Stellar is rare though, seeing that they sleep for 1000 years after they help fulfill someone's wish, and most people only see a certain amount of stars in the sky with their naked eye, which have most likely already been summoned the within the past 1000 years. Stellars also have their own set of rules(For example, "Don't just grant wishes, make them work for it and help them along the way").

    The basic physical appearance of a Stellar is quite simple, similar to humans, but with some slightly different qualities, including:

    • -Long, elf-like ears.

    • -Pupils a darker shade than their irises instead of black.

    • -Hair and eyes that match whatever color their star is.

    • -Stellars glow in the dark.

    • -Stellars can "change colors" over a very long period of time.

    • -The color of their blood also matches that of their star color, with a metallic glow. Example:

                  -Blue for blue Stellars

                  -Red for red Stellars

                  -Orange for orange Stellars

                  -Gold for yellow Stellars

                  -Silver for white Stellars

    • -Appears to look like young adults for the rest of their lives once they reach around 500 years old. (Which is fairly quickly in a Stellar's life span)

    • -Stellar "armor" can often vary, depending on what area of the world they were last summoned, era, and whether they liked such fashion. The color scheme always matches their star color though, and white(If they choose to add white for variety). For white Stellars, their color scheme(If not completely white) is silver & white. This however, doesn't mean they are unable to wear normal human clothing.

    Stellars also have special abilities that humans don't, like flying/floating, super speed(limited), teleportation(teleportation drains a lot of energy though, usually only used when summoned), quick healing, and other tricks up their sleeves...

    However, a Stellar is not invincible. They have a life span too, and to kill a Stellar is a very risky act. When a Stellar dies, the star dies(And vice versa). This means the death of a Stellar could cause a supernova that could destroy things nearby the star, or if the star is large enough, a black hole. The Stellar itself also "explodes" in it's own little mini supernova.

    About the Creator: rokabiel

    Yes, for anyone wondering, I am still working on the project. If you're curious on progress, don't be afraid to ask.

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