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    About From the Verge to the Void - Call #2

    This is our second casting call for this game, if you have read over our previous call you can skip the next paragraph.

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    From the Verge to the Void is a game being produced by Team Sunbear for the competition Dare To Be Digital.

    Dare to be Digital is a competition run by Abertay University in Scotland. Every year 15 teams are accepted (from 150+ who apply) to make a game and have it exhibited at Protoplay (Scottish game convention). After the convention the top three teams from these 15 are chosen and shortlisted for a BAFTA. In the end one team walks away with the BAFTA.

    We are currently part of the final 15 of this years competition.

    Our game is a three dimentional FPS platformer with Oculus Rift support set in a Space Western themed world.

    In each level you must explore the wreckage of a derelict spaceship while collecting loot. The main goal of the level is to find the ships black box and return to your ship before time runs out. This is where we need voice actors. When picked up the black box will begin playing an audio file containing a piece of dialogue that will describe what happened to the ship before you found it.

    We are a small team compised of students, but we have several years of game development as a team and over half a dozen awards from smaller game competitions we have participated in and won. We feel like this could be quite a good opportinity for anyone interested, considering that if we are succesful anyone involved will have their names credited to a BAFTA winning project.

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    In the last call we auditioned for the part of the Ships Captain which is the main voice log on the black box of the ship in the first level. We have since decided that we will also have several smaller collectable voice logs throughout the level for the player to pick up, and that is what this audition is for. These voice logs will tell pieces of the ships story leading up to the captains final log. They will be much shorter than the captains log at 20-40 seconds each, but we will need a variety of voices for these roles.

    These roles are:

    -The Preacher

    -The Engineer

    -The Cardinals Daughter

    -The Muscle

    -Four additional miscellaneous crew members

    They all speak, or at least should fit in with, southern american/ Western type accents. These acccents are obviously preferred and more likely to be chosen, but as I say below other interpretations are also welcome.

    There are some mentions in some of the lines below of sound effects. They do not need to be present in the audition, but they are important to be mindful of for the context of the scenes.

    Please choose any or all of the lines given for the audition, I have provided more detail along with the lines below

    Here is a link to our team Facebook page for anyone who would like to see more from the game: https://www.facebook.com/teamsunbear

    Here is a link to our previous call: http://castingcall.club/projects/from-the-verge-to-the-void

    I have also provided a link to the pitch video which we used as our application to the competition below. It gives a small look into the setting and mechanics of our game.

    About the Creator: firstprime

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