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About Fall of Lotus: A Star Wars Machinima

Greetings folks My name is DarthValeria and this is my greatest project and my story that I'm dreaming since 2009 (Unfortunately my english isnt so perfect so i'm hoping that i can explain my project here correctly)

What is this FALL OF LOTUS?

Me and my friends are planning to make a star wars machinima movie using many star wars games and green screen effects to make scenes (Jedi Academy , Empire At War: Forces of Corruption)

A small summary about our story

This story tells about an Order and it's Alliance. 

Lotus is a society, an order and an alliance of worlds between Outer Rim and Wild Space , independent from the Galactic Republic , the Separatists or the Sith

Their force users gets trained in light side and dark side of the force to be in the middle, to be in balance

Lotus Alliance exists since the collapse of the Sith Empire more than a thosand years ago

Only important members or Noble Houses rules the Lotus and they choose their leaders from members of the Houses


The Movie will tell times after 2-3 months of Revenge of the Sith

Palpatine will make plans for destroying Lotus Alliance once and for all as he knows that Lotus is an ancient enemy of the Sith since The Sith Empire times

The Empire is dealing with the last worlds that resist in the meantime Vader is dealing with an uprising on Naboo and Palpatine is trying to find capital of the Lotus Alliance because no one knows where the capital is.

How long time it will take to complete the movie?

That's up to finding many people for dubbing characters in the movie. If we find more people enough...then it will take less than a month or perhaps less than a weak

That's why I'm not sure about a certain release date


  • Read the whole description of this project
  • To be in this project you must be at least be 16 years old
  • You must have a mic and little to background noise
  • You must have a discord to contact me in private
  • We arent able to pay money unfortunately
  • Anyone can join our project
  • And you cannot quit until the project is completed
  • In time new talent roles will be placed
  • Respect the rules

Anyone whose joined our Star Wars project will be appriciated my fellows here are the Characters and May the Force be with you

Female characters

  • Leda (Mirialan)(Jedi Knight) (taken by Raerock9)
  • Jaina Prouder (Daughter of Garale / House Prouder) (taken by klotten)
  • Ys'tali (Twi'lek)(Leader of the Blackthorn Squadron) (taken by k-athleen)
  • Inquisitor Seventh Sister (taken by ClaireDore1)
  • Master Calli (Jedi Master) (taken GP Mckenzie)
  • Cinda (Padawan) (taken by alexakxo)
  • Apailana (Queen of Naboo) (taken by klotten)
  • Nys'tali (An ancient Twi'lek spirit and a master of the force) (taken by k-athleen)
  • Lotus Pilot 1 (taken)
  • Lotus Pilot 2 (taken by AmberMarie)

Male Characters

  • Lotus Pilot 3 (taken by Deschain19)
  • Imperial Lieutenant  (taken by AmberMarie)
  • Kaida Aves (taken by PhillipM)
  • Imperial Clone Troopers / Clone Commander Tuk  (taken by NeatoBurrito)
  • Inquisitor Fourth Brother (our own inquisitor character) (taken by Spencer Coles)
  • Ta'kava Rhees (Twi'lek)(A Lotus force user / friend of Jaina)  (taken by Ravensilver)
  • Garale Prouder (Human)(father of Jaina and King of the Lotus Alliance) (taken by megalodon302)
  • Caleb (Human)(friend of Jaina and a Lotus knight who forsees the future) (taken by Valeria)
  • Caleb (for Prologue Scene) (taken by Kahu Gillespie)
  • Darth Vader (taken by generalonyx)
  • Palpatine (taken by Javalin197)
  • Imperial Major (taken by Valeria)
  • Lotus Admiral Ivernus (taken by Malkavius)
  • Lotus Trooper (taken by yakukasai)
  • Lotus Knight (taken by Vescaris)
  • Imperial Captain Cordar Serhat (taken by guyvernull2)
  • Grand Inquisitor (taken by Jackmack)
  • Inquisitor Eighth Brother (taken by guyvernull2)
  • Naboo soldier (taken by Forglowrly)
  • Naboo captain (taken by Jackmack)
  • Barry (Human)(padawan) (taken by Garrett C Stephens)
  • Aaron (Human)(jedi knight) (taken megalodon302)
  • Scourge (Dark Side user of Lotus who wants to kill King Garale) (taken by curtiscoomber)
  • Obi-Wan-Kenobi (Holo Message) (taken by MattEspinoza)
  • Jedi Master Darko Moran (Jedi General who helped Lotus in the Clone Wars and married with Jaina Prouder) (taken by JentPlays)

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