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About generalonyx

Hey there! I'm an amateur voice actor looking to build skills and experience! I can do a somewhat-wide range of voices alongside the lower scale. I pride myself on being dependable and easy to work with!

  • @callan-psycho-cat

    This guy is just outstanding!! Badass, awesome and a great pleasure to work with! If you ever want someone to be an awesome badass, it's this guy to go to! Fantastic job!!

  • @darthvaleria

    If you are looking for a Darth Vader voice then i highly suggest you to hire this person

    His voice is almost same as James Earn Jones
    10/10 rate

    I'm glad i worked with him and i hope i work with him again ^_^
    May the force serve him well :)

  • @calbuck-va

    Chris Onyx is goddamn talented and that is the bloody truth!!! He worked with me years ago for my Batman: The Killing Joke as the goat himself, Batman!!! He was absolutely PERFECT!!!! And recently he has joined me again for another comic dub... Three Jokers... And holy fecking shit his take on both Thomas Wayne and Joe Chill was insane!!! Loved every single minute of working with him!!! Dedication, talent, and kindness... That's what Chris brings to the table!!! Legend!!