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Hey there! I'm an amateur voice actor looking to build skills and experience! I can do a somewhat-wide range of voices alongside the lower scale. I pride myself on being dependable and easy to work with!

Demos & Samples

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Hey there! Hopefully you don't mind me babbling about into a microphone, but feel free to contact me and i'll gladly do custom recordings to what you need! 

I want to help breathe life into your project, and bring a spark to that special character. Feel free to message me on site or add me on discord! My discord is Chris Onyx#6305

  • @callan-psycho-cat

    This guy is just outstanding!! Badass, awesome and a great pleasure to work with! If you ever want someone to be an awesome badass, it's this guy to go to! Fantastic job!!

  • @darthvaleria

    If you are looking for a Darth Vader voice then i highly suggest you to hire this person

    His voice is almost same as James Earn Jones
    10/10 rate

    I'm glad i worked with him and i hope i work with him again ^_^
    May the force serve him well :)