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Ice Ninja 22's Previously Completed Works

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    About Eternal Dream: Reboot Episode 1 (SSBU Machinima)

    I was in the making of a machinima series, however with some much need thought I believe that my series need a different direction. This is why I'm rebooting my series, for those who want context. Though if you want to know how the general "feel" of my machinimas, there's clip up above. It might not be the best but I'm trying.

    The lore of this series is taking different choices to depict some of their characters so expect to be reading some different interpretations to characters with longstanding lore from their respective franchises. Some changes include Lucina and Marth being siblings when this was never the case in Fire Emblem lore. Zelda being Ganondorf's daughter when this was never the case in The Legend of Zelda lore and so on. 

    As briefly mentioned, this iteration of the series will be a reboot as I want redo aspects of the original story that I didn't fully well understand myself until I was this far into development. The new reboot will include changed/new members of the cast, updated/revised character interpretations of those already portrayed in the series so far, more backstory into events that left viewers confused in places, as well as other quality of life changes that I look to do in this reboot. 

    Also a big thanks to one of my VA, Rhysins. They helped me with some aspects of this casting call.

    Another thing to note is that I am not that good with voice description/feelings so try to put your own spin on the characters.

    Now here are some general points:

    1. Have a good mic.

    2. If you apply this is going that means you're committed to these roles. If you have difficult time management or something of the kind please talk to me personally.

    3. If you see any grammar mistakes please tell me so I can correct them.

    4. Have fun.

    5. Discord (Not a requirement)

    6. Some scenes have some semi pg.13 language (Heads up if any VAs are not for that)

    About the Creator: ice ninja 22

    I like to do writing and making up some ideas (But I'm also a project owner of some sort though).

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold