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    About Eragon

    The Official Casting Will Begin Next Week! Now Closes The 25!
    The Inheritance Cycle is by far one of my favorite book series. The world of Alagaesia is a rich and deep one, full of great characters and places. This project is a short one. It will cover the first couple of chapters from the first book. Once the project is complete, I plan to tweet it to the author to get his reaction.

    I have always wanted to hear a multicast production of Eragon, so I have decided to do it (at least part of it) myself. This is my first time directing and putting together anything like this, so please, bear with me. If you are cast, you have to have a Skype to be able to attend at least one read through with as much as the cast as possible and ask me any questions you need. Don't worry about the age part of the characters. Most of them are older men, just sound old, gruff, and you might get it. :)

    I want this to be a high quality project. I will only be accepting recordings that are good quality. Auditions that I think have the most promise will get a Shout Out from me. If you are not cast, I can still use you as an extra or something, so don't loose hope! I'll comment on most auditions, giving feedback and letting you know what I can use you for.

    I would love to add sound effects to this, so if you have had experience with that, you can message me.

    Please, take the time to read the book when you audition, it can give you more context clues.

    I shortened the deadline for casting, I want to wrap it up by the end of July so we can offically record in August, and I can finish the project in September.

    About the Creator: stephen_l

    Hi, glad you made it to my profile!

    I got into voice over when I was hired as a voice actor for a translation company. I enjoyed what I did so much, when the job ended, I started looking for how I could continue on my own and found my self here, among other places.

    Not only do I enjoy acting, but I like to direct audiobook productions. My first project, Eragon, is currently in the works.

    I love working on original projects! If you have one, I'll be more than happy to work on it. :)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold