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About Emperor Pigs: Pizza and Cigs (Casting for Episodes 1-6)

Last Updated: 1/13/19

Use this link for the master Google Docs document:

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Postal Roach Audio is casting for our debut audio drama, Emperor Pigs!  The show follows a group of supernatural beings who operate a restaurant/head shop called Emperor Pigs, Pizza and Cigs.  We are currently wrapping up the scripts for season 1, and will definitely have many more roles to fill in the coming months.

Here’s our first teaser promo:

Content Warning: Emperor Pigs contains mature themes, foul language, and regularly explores controversial topics in non-traditional ways.  You must be at least 18 years of age to contribute.

In addition to actors, we are looking for writers, audio editors, sound effect creators, musicians, and artists.  Please reach out to Persephone at [redacted] if you are interested in helping us in any of these areas.

Emperor Pigs will be a commercial audio drama.  We are still working out the details, but we plan to launch on multiple streaming services as well as selling episodes a la carte.

Compensation will be in the form of revenue share, to be paid monthly via PayPal.  These payments will begin as soon as we start earning and will continue for no less than 7 years from the bundle release of “the complete first season.”

Everyone working on Emperor Pigs will receive detailed earning statements that include sales data.

Subject to change before production begins, this is currently what we’re picturing for revenue share percentages, per season:

Split between Actors


Split between Audio Editors


Split between Writers


Original Music


Split for Incidentals (sfx, art, distribution, web-hosting advertising, etc)




Amended: We’ve removed the “director” role to increase revenue share percentages for Actors and Editors.  Persephone Rose, our showrunner, will be covering directorial duties.  We've also adjusted the percentages to increase the earning rate for original music composers.

Please note that the “pot” will be a monthly pooling of 1% contributions from each Postal Roach project that will be evenly distributed amongst each person who contributed to a Postal Roach project that month.  As we grow and begin taking on more projects, this will make more sense and hopefully be a nice incentive to work with us.

We are currently aiming for three seasons, but if things go well, there’s no reason we have to stop there.

What follows are open voice acting roles for Emperor Pigs.  Please record separate .wav files for each character you are interested in auditioning for, using this naming convention: “CharacterName_YourName.wav” and email them to [redacted] with the subject line “Emperor Pigs Audition.”

Amended: Some folks have let me know that .wav files are too large for their email servers and have asked to send .mp3s instead. For auditioning purposes, .mp3s are absolutely acceptable. If you are still having trouble sending in your auditions, reach out to [redacted] and we will find a way to make it work!

Alternatively, you can upload your auditions to the Casting Call Club via this link:

Please include three or four takes per line.

If you do not receive a “Thank you for your audition” notice within 48hrs, please submit it again, because we likely didn’t receive it!

A note on gender/accents -- the “female” and “male” roles below refer only to the gender identity of the character and how they are referred to and acknowledged by others in the script.  Likewise, unless an accent is explicitly specified, we are open to hearing anything.  The world where our show takes place is not our Earth as we know it, but it is a very diverse place called Roachia.  Feel free to mix things up.  We might like it.

The deadline for this audition is 1/31/2019.  We are not able or willing to cast any of these roles before that date.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold