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About Dragon Brawl Z (SSBB Machinima)

Hey there!

The name's dRage and I've been doing Brawl machinima on and off since 2008, though I used to go by TheSmashTeam on Youtube back then. My first major project 'Soul Brawl' met an unfortunate end and I've mostly done shorts and other smaller projects ever since. Thanks to the vast amount of mods which offer lots of customizability, Brawl as an engine is now much more versatile than what it was back when I started. So I've decided to finally try my hand at a serialized format again.

As the name suggests this action/comedy series is inspired by DBZ. Yet it still follows its own story. To clarify, I'm not recreating DBZ with Smash characters but rather incorporating elements and themes from DBZ into my machinima. This is most notable with the battle scenes which I'm trying to make as fast-paced and flashy as I can (by utilizing custom animations, After Effects and lots of good ol' editing).

I've already finished the first episode as a proof of concept (video above). It's text based right now but I feel like that doesn't lend itself very well to a fast-paced action series. It also heavily limits the amount of in-battle dialog which just won't do for a DBZ-inspired series. Obviously this is a problem that needs fixing and I'm going to fix it by casting awesome voice actors. That's where you come in!

For a very brief introduction to the series: Ten years ago portals leading to an uninhabited dimension appeared in several worlds. In this mysterious dimension referred to as 'The Convergence' a fighting tournament is held every year where fighters of the connected worlds compete to test their strength. As the years went on, more portals appeared which brought in several new competitors. An unknown system divides those who step through the portals into spectators and competitors. Not everyone is happy with their assigned position and in a place crowded with so many people from all kinds of worlds, a conflict is just waiting to happen ...


- good audio quality; I hold myself to pretty high standards when it comes to the visuals so I'm going to have to expect the same from the audio. I won't consider auditions with lots of background noise/distortion/echo.

- this series will likely run for a couple of years so keep that in mind if you audition for any recurring characters, especially main/major characters (Main > Major > Recurring > Minor)

- good communication; I had projects stuck in limbo and fall apart because voice actors didn't respond or disappeared completely. I know that most of us have busy schedules so if you can't make a deadline it's not the end of the world. But I will at least expect you to respond to my emails in a timely manner and let me know if you need more time to do your lines. Communication is key!

- since this is DBZ-inspired the battles will contain some shouting so be prepared for that; no SSJ3-transform-length shouting, don't worry =P

If you'd rather send me your audition via email that's cool, too. Just drop me a PM and I'll tell you the email address. Please make sure you also include a .txt file with your contact info (email, Skype/Discord if you have either of those).

Deadline is September 26th for now. I may cast a role early if an audition is a perfect fit in my opinion. The deadline may be extended if I feel that certain characters need more auditions.

Note: Most audition lines are taken from the episode (in case you're looking for more context). You can throw in other lines from the episode as well if you want to. Just don't go overboard.

Some characters are noted to make another appearance during the third arc, that means it's still pretty far off as the second arc won't begin until episode 3 or 4 and will take at least 5 episodes.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold