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Voice Acting 101

Starts Feb 4. Seats limited.

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About Digital Circus [New Roles Open] [18+]


Welcome to the Digital Circus a channel that has a variety of content hosted by me, Kayla, otherwise known as the EdgeLordess. I’m looking for voice actors, animators, assistant video editors, writers, and other creative participants. The kind of people I need varies on the show. 

Please note to audition for any position, role or show on the Digital Circus, you must be at least eighteen years or older. NO MINORS ALLOWED. Most of my content has some crude, sexual, and depraved humor. I do not want to get in trouble with any minors or minor's parents in my production.

About Me: I’ve self taught how to use Final Cut Pro and Garageband. I’ve been making videos since 2013. I’ve been directing my series of shows recently, October 2018 to be exact. My team currently consists of fifteen VA, one other writer and two audio techs. I’m told by crew I’m very professional, despite this being an UNPAID project. I’m very stern when it comes to my own policies but I’m also flexible. I want to help newbie voice actors build accomplish their dreams. This will be a long term projecvt, but I'm very flexiable in case you need to drop out.

Burning the Pages-The main series of the Digital Circus at this point in time. It's a visual novel esuqe comedy series where voice actors read stories I wrote as a teenager and I (and the voice acting team) make fun of it. Seasons one and two of the series cover my magnum opus series, “Elite Senshi” which is a knock off of Sailor Moon, but also there are Naruto characters that randomly appear and it's a complete mess.

    People I’m Currently Looking For:

  • Voice Actors

  • Understudy Voice Actors (Every main actor will have one understudy unless they are playing an extra)-: You will be involved in production, I used to have it so Understudies are on call, but they will also be receiving scripts and attending rehearsals with the main actor(s)

  • Assistant Audio Editors-There are a few kinds of audio editors I’m looking for

    • Edgelordess’s Assistant-Audio editing is my LEAST favorite part of the process, as it's very time consuming and boring. You’d basically be cutting my outtakes and making me a masterfile.

    • Scene Audio Editor-You will be working with multiple character masterfiles and creating scenes with them. Scenes range anywhere between one minute to five minutes. I currently am looking for three more assistants.

  • Assistant Animators-(Note: because I’m basing the series off a Visual Novel, the animators will only be working with still images and will be required to know a thing or two about photo manipulation. This series uses Gacha Life and Gacha Studios for character models)

  • Assistant Video Editors-For this position, you must know a thing or two about Keyframed animation. The images for the visual novel part will be given to you in advance.

  • Assistant Writers-Must be proficient in screenwriting particularly with comedy. Also, ideally I’d like you to know a thing or two about how to write a “decent” fan fiction or original story.

Note about Burning the Pages (BTP): Because the scripts have changed over time, the average line count is a bit inaccurate as not all scripts have been written and finalized yet. We are currently in production for episode 4. Instead role hierarchy is based on the following:

Huge Roles: Roles that are in every episode at have at least 20 or more lines each episode. [Lead]

Small Main Roles: Roles that are almost in every single episode but their line counts vary. It can be anywhere between 5 to 15 lines per episode. [Lead]

Minor Recurring: Roles that appear frequently but not as frequently as the other two categories of characters. Say about 5 to 7 episodes out of a 12 episode run. Often their line counts are small, somewhere between 1 to 15 lines per epsode they appear. [Supporting]

Small Minor: Roles that are smaller, but don’t appear as frequently as the minor recurring roles. Say about 2 -5 episodes out of a 12 episode run. Line counts range between 1 -10 lines per episode they appear in. [Minor]

Pending: Characters I’m not sure how vital they are, as not every episode has been written yet. They will either be extras or small minors. [Minor]

Extras and Oneshots: characters that only appear in one episode. [Extra]


Edgelordess Reviews-On an indefinite hiatus right now. Edgelordess Reviews (EL Reviews) is a music review series influenced by ARTV, Todd in the Shadows and Atop the Fourth Wall.


Animated Stand Up-I used to be a standup comedian back in the day. But lately my comedy has been a little too esoteric and weird for the average comedy club goer and is very nerd/fandom centric. Thus, I’m pitching a new series called Animated Stand Up. [Casting will start sometime in Spring or Summer of 2020]

    What I’m Looking For:

[Note: this series won't start until I have all Positions for this series filled]

  • Assistant Video Editors-For this position, you must know a thing or two about Keyframed animation. Unlike Burning the Pages, this is less Visual Novel based, but more storytime based but still using Gacha Life and Gacha Studios. The still images of the characters will be provided to you.

  • Assistant Writer-Must be able to write a stand up set.

  • Audio Editor-Similar to EL’s audio editor


Basic Requirements For Voice Actors [Burning the Pages]

  • Have at least 3 takes per line. It gives me more variety of your range.

  • Must have decent communication skills
  • Know basic audio editing skills. Learn how to cut out any outtakes or bloopers

  • No static or reverb in your audio

  • You must have a Discord and Facebook account. 

  • Please answer the questionnaire in the character notes in the text description when you upload your audition. (Don't put it in the recording. If you are auditioning for multiple roles, you only need to fill out the questionnaire ONCE.)

Basic Requirements for Animators [Burning the Pages]

  • You must have some background in Photoshop or programs similar

  • Must have decent communication skills
  • You must install Gacha Life and Gacha Studio. They are free applications for Android and Apple phones and tablets. 

  • You must have a Discord and Facebook account

Basic Requirements for Audio and Video Assistants [Burning the Pages & Animated Stand Up]

  • Deadlines for projects tend to be a month if you are capable of editing anything within that time frame, you're a good candidate!

  • Must have decent communication skills
  • You must answer the questionnaires given to you where it says “Audio Tech” or “Assistant Video Editor” If you don’t answer that questionnaire, I will disregard your audition

Basic Requirements For Writers [All series]

  • English must be your first language

  • You must be located within the western hemisphere and be available during evenings,

  • Must have decent communication skills

  • You must have a Discord and Facebook account

Post Selection Process: [all]

If you get an acceptance letter, you must follow the protocol within one week before I uncasted you from that role.

For VA that auditioned but didn’t get the part, but I still loved the voice of, I always have openings for new parts every couple of months. I will contact you if I feel that you are better for a different or future role.

To view my past work:

I rarely ever post to Youtube because its corrupt copyright laws but you can view my stand up: 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold