Kayla Schafer

Kayla Schafer

Kayla Schafer Age: 28 Director-Video Editor-Writer-Educator~Singer

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About Kayla Schafer

Hello internet, My name is Kayla, I'm a small internet personality on Dailymotion and on Youtube. You can find my work here: https://www.dailymotion.com/EdgeLordess


(Note: My Dailymotion has more content as that was my primary platform for a while because of Youtube's corrupt copyright policy)

My channel started on Youtube in 2008 as anime emo slide shows made using Imovie. Then later, I worked my way up the scale and started doing reviews on music and movies under the handle, ChibiFangirl in 2013. Then in 2017 onwards, I've changed my handle to the EdgeLordess who is the ringmaster of the Digital Circus. I now do a variety of video work from reviews to academic lectures, memoirs and other projects as well.

I joined Casting Call Club after being recommended by a friend after one of the worst casting calls I had experienced. I'm a director for Digital Circus and I'm looking for voice actors, editors, and audio engineers

I don't voice act, but I direct, write, sing and sometimes I audio mix and video edit. Directing singing and writing is free, however, video editing is pay negotiable. Message me for details.


Price negoatible. 

What Kayla Schafer is looking for

Really anything for my projects.

  • @irkalla

    Wow, what can I say about Kayla?
    On the personal side she has been a warm an caring friend to myself and all the crew that have been part of her projects. She does not let the rest of what is happening in the world and life interfere with that.
    On the professional side she is organized and persistent in accomplishing her goals. Again, she does not let the set backs we all know happen in projects dissuade her. on the vocie actine side she gives new voice actors a chance (thanks Kaya :) ) and works with them to help them improve. This doesn't mean she's a push-over; she has definitely pushed us to do better.
    I can't speak to the animation and music side since that's not my area, but I can see the same Kayla touch on what I see there.
    In short, A great director-creator, a great voice actor, and a wonderful friend.

  • @linkgeminis

    EdgeLordess is a very bright and talented director and writer.
    Very creative and professional. Have been doing voice work for her for a while, her projects are always a pleasure to be a part of.

  • @kaemcspadden

    EdgeLordesss is very clever at creating material that makes fun of her old fan fiction. She is also helpful when actors/actresses are struggling, and is able to find a way to get the result she is looking for, and is always there to help out. It is always fun to record for her to see what new and interesting material we are going to work with next.

  • @Hannah4

    I am currently working with Edgelordess on their project Burning The Pages as Yui and I have been for a few months now and honestly she is one of the best and most fun directors I have gotten the pleasure to work with! She is very clear about what she wants but she is also very fair as long as you are putting in the work! She gives amazing tips and tricks for your character and how they can improve! Also she has very unique ideas about how some words are said and I think it is awesome because its different and I guarantee the way we will say some words you have never heard it pronounced that way but once you do you'll fall in love too!! I have had nothing but good experiences with her and I am so happy I get to continue to work with such a great director!! I HIGHLY recommend her!!!