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    About Deceit animated project Set 1 (VOICE ACTORS NEEDED!)

    Hello and welcome to the Deceit casting call!

    We are currently casting the first set of characters and the second will come in around a month, so if you aren't fond of any of the characters presented wait for set 2!

    Deceit is a fantasy set world with drama, action, romance, and conflict. It is rated +16 for its mature themes and visuals. 


    Synopsis of the story: 

    In the beginning, there was one. An enigma that was birthed into a cold, empty universe of its own. Realizing this, the entity used its omnipotent power to forge fundamentals to create a base for all life, they would mold over time into mana, fusing together to create the lands, oceans, and skies. Meanwhile, the enigma went away into hiding, waiting to see what would become of her experiment. 

    Over the course of millions of years, the fundamentals had created a living breathing world called Xethea. As their work was done, they stored their essence into the world they created, scattered across the lands. They then imbued high amounts of mana into a rising species of mammal, the humans, to rule. This created the Monarchs, the leaders of each fundamental mana type. Aries, the red monarch of Necia. Poseidon, the blue monarch of Avonmoura. Ki, the green monarch of Treow.  Satillia, the white monarch of Eshreal and Hades, the black monarch of Eshreal. Over time the population of humans evolved, passing down the Monarchs mana, when a human is born, they have a chance to be born with an affinity, a specific alteration to their DNA that causes supernatural powers to occur. 

    Years have passed and times have changed. Omen, a fish turned man thanks to a witch, is indoctrinated by Poseidon, taught to be the best magic caster in the kingdom. With the White Monarch now missing, all eyes are focused on finding her and her mysterious powers. However, not all monarchs have the same intentions. Aries is overwhelmed with greed and power and wants to dominate the whole of Xethea by capturing the White Monarch’s powers for himself. Poseidon decides to form a unit of gifted mages to search for the White monarch in secret, hoping to restore peace to Xethea. Meanwhile, in the shadows, Damien formerly known as Hades is also at work. It’s in his nature to cause chaos with little consideration for the other kingdoms. He only wants to be entertained, only that ‘entertainment’ means endangering innocent lives for no apparent reason. However, Damien wasn’t always like this. A corrupted scarf with unnatural powers has ripped away any sense of morality away from him, turning him into the Black reaper.



    • Please have clear audio with no background noise. 

    • Please don’t edit the pitch of your voice or add other audio effects.

    • Label Auditions as “Your Name_Character Name” 

     Ex. “Joshua Waters_Omen.mp3”


    Other Infomation:

    • Characters listed as Minor can and will become Supporting and Lead characters as the series continues, the prices listed are only for the pilot’s payment.

    • Voice actors will not be cast for more than 1 role

    • If you have any questions send a message to Plagued#6969 on discord!

    • We will be posted casted actors on to our twitter @DeceitOfficial

    • Good luck and have fun!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold