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About Danganronpa : Sweet Salvation


Another set of sixteen students trapped inside a Country Estate, and there is only one way to get out...Murder and get away with it! Join Eizo Sekimoto, the Ultimate Cellist as he tries to solve murder mysteries and find the culprits to each murder of his fellow students, but something is amiss! Eizo has a sense of deja-vu when he meets a certain someone... So join us in Danganronpa: Sweet Salvation!

Welcome! To Danganronpa Sweet Salvation's casting call! We currently have all character designs done and some sprites and cgs are still in the works, we are also in the process of writing a script and getting more artists on board for this project,  so I hope you will be patient with us as we work on it :]]

Any questions feel free to contact us on discord:


 [ if no reply contact BurntChickenNugget#5773]


Am I allowed to audition for more than 1 role?


Is pre-editing auditions allowed ?

We'd like audio to be as unedited as possible; editing out takes ,bloopers and background noise is acceptable but we don't want voice filters and modifiers used.

How can i join the server?

Please contact on discord for a link ^^


  1. Please be aware that this project contains triggering themes such as blood, gore, death, and swearing.
  2. Please have a decent quality microphone, the minor buzzing is fine if we can edit it out!
  3. It is required that you have a Discord account, that is where I will be sending scripts and information on the series.
  4. Pour as much emotion as you can into your auditions!
  5. Please be aware your character may die.
  6. Try to make the character your own, and don't be afraid to try something out in your audition, uniqueness may get you the role!
  7. You must be 15 or older to join the server or audition .
  8.  Good luck!

About the Creator: 0SIN0


Sin - He/Him

I'm from the UK so please be mindful of timezones and understand I cant always make meetings or be in calls.



Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold