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About RPGerBlue13

I'm an otaku/nerd/v.a. from Indiana, my all time favorite series is Danganronpa, but I usually like anything involving my favorite voice actors. I'd like to voice act professionally or at least part time at some point in the industry.

All the voice actors from my favorite games, shows, and anime are my inspiration. I enjoy seeing projects that several people would get involved with, and while I'm fairly new to voice acting, I hope you'll enjoy what I have to offer.

I also enjoy watching comic and fan dubs of different franchises and all the unknown voice talent aspiring to be official voice actors. If you have a project or know one you'd think I'd have a great voice for, hit me up!


Currently open for doing both volunteer and paid projects. 

For paid projects, I refer to Voice Acting Club's Indie Per Line rates here: https://www.voiceactingclub.com/rates/#Line%20Rates

What RPGerBlue13 is looking for

I look for any project of a professional nature or dedication. I think I'd be more suited for video games, Visual Novels are currently what I excel at but I also love a good Machinima here and there. I won't say no to animation either, I'm basically good for just about anything.

  • @kunoji

    RPGerBlue13 is a voice actor of Takashi Gushiken - one of the main characters of directed by me game project, Despair's Masquerade.
    He's really talented and professional. Every line recorded by him is full of emotions and I'm really satisfied with working with him.

  • @cranberrymelody

    RPGerBlue13 is an absolute delight to work with, his voice-acting ability never fails to astound me and I can't help but smile when I listen to his work. He's also very passionate about everything he does, I cannot recommend him enough.