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About Hell's Gate (Visual Novel) (VA & STAFF AUDITIONS)

16 students are trapped in an abandoned church and forced to play detective for the amusement of a sadistic porcelain doll. Can Tristan Stieber save his classmates without any bloodshed, or is he doomed to play the role of detective until there's no one left?

This is my first visual novel project! You may know me as a voice actor in the Danganronpa community! I get cast as Peko, Tsumugi, and Chihiro a lot! This is a Danganronpa-inspired visual novel. 

I'm looking for sprite artists, animators, musicians, and possibly video editors and co-writers. I am in a tough financial situation, but I promise that as soon as I can, I will try and figure out a way to pay the staff for their work. I might also be looking for people who could help me program the novel in Ren'Py.

Voice actors, please be aware that not everything is set in stone yet. I don't have any official sprite art yet, but I do have things set roughly as far as order goes, character designs, and the plot and twists. If you can't wait to start voicing, this project is not for you (yet).

Our discord server is located here: https://discord.gg/3MXqNez
Our twitter is located here: https://twitter.com/HellsGateVN
Our tumblr is located here: https://hellsgatevn.tumblr.com/

(Keep in mind that everything is still under construction, as I have only started official work on this project recently! If you would like to help me with setting up our social media, I would be very appreciative, but it's not necessary!)

Thank you all.

M a y   H o p e   s h i n e   i t s   l i g h t   u p o n   y o u .

- M o n o t h e a

About the Creator: know-your-paradoxes

Starboy/Maris (Bree if we're close and/or you know me already!) | 19 | He/Him or They/Them pronouns please! (she/her sparingly but if you don't know that's fine!) | Singer/Songwriter, Scriptwriter, Actor!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold