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  • @napa_sensei_yt

    they do nice work

  • @napa_sensei_yt

    I once asked them to do a aqua voice for a parody they did not disappoint they are a really good actor

  • @thelasersonic

    I worked with Krityan on my dub, and she was wonderful actress to work with!

    Even when the project hit snags or came into issues, she was always willing to work around with compromises or send in retakes. She also listened keenly to my directions to produce well acted lines as well.

    I would definitely recommend her as an actress for your next production!

  • @nitemar

    My project has been gifted with Kiki's dedication, skill, and talent as a voice actor. She took the role she audition for and blew it out of the park. not only that, but it has been charming working with her as she has really been a stellar part of the team. All I can say is that I hope in the future she might be interested in auditioning for more prominent character roles in my future projects!