no i'm not a turkish political party i've never even been to turkey

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Redoing this- hi hello yoski, I go by akp, they/them!! By my tagline no I'm not the turkish political party, just a person with an unfortunate set of initials and a nickname that just kinda. stuck. I'm a minor, Irish POC, and I've been doing voice acting for around 4 years. On CCC, anyways. I also sing! I'm a contralto. I'm mostly a femminine leaning voice actor, mid-low to mid-high—and my range is approximately 'trying to intimidate you and succeding', 'trying to intimidate you and failing because speaking is hard', and a lot of stuff in between! I record in a spare room that's used as storage for clothes with my laptop and my AT2020 and I freeze to death because my house is cold as fuck.

i do some cool shit i swear

How to contact me:

Email: akp1203buisness @ gmail.com

Twitter: @akp_1203

Discord: @aykaypee


I'm not professional at all- pay me in incorrect quotes or favours or something.

What akp is looking for

Not picky about the work I take. Don't ask me to do explicit NSFW. Shoot me a message here or on Discord and we'll try and work something out!

  • @cosmics

    Where to start. AKP is an extremely dedicated Writer/VA/Director and overall a joy to work with. She's fun to talk to and the emotions in her voice are amazing when she voice acts, her Writing would be the type to win a Nobel prize and her management of projects is unmatched, overall Highly recommend checking out more of her work.

  • @lemonlime

    Where does one even start with Akp?

    To begin with, she’s an extremely talented voice actress. Her lines are seamless and she provides you with options, so you always receive the best quality she can provide.

    As someone I work with, I can vouch that from the moment she starts, she is completely dedicated to you and your project. She will offer a hand to help and will treat you with respect.

    Before even getting to know her well, I knew Akp was someone I could trust. Over the past month or so, she’s been loyal, dedicated, and extremely helpful to me. I highly recommend choosing her for one of your projects if you want an issue-free experience.

  • @becca-va

    I'm currently in a VA project with akp and I am and will always be so blown away by akps dedication to her work and how good she is at voice acting. She always submits lines in time, making projects less stressful. Not only is akp an amazing voice actor, she is also so funny and can put a smile on anyone's face! She brings a certain humour in her work that not many can do. Her kindness has taught me a lot and I've learnt a lot from her simply by listening to her! I really hope you consider casting akp in your project as she is such a good addition to any team!

  • @olympia

    they meme

  • @cynderheart

    AKP is a talented VA in a project that I'm currently part of. She puts her heart into her auditions and characters, and I'm so proud to work with her!

  • @hecticvexor

    AKP is an incredible voice actor, as well as a wonderful person to know outside of whatever project you work on with. She puts 110% into whatever project she works on, and has an amount of untold passion absolutely essential to this field of work. She's motivational, inspirational, and an absolutely priceless person to work alongside in any given piece of work. Plus--Untold amounts of laughs and memes. Casting AKP is essential for a project not only for a believable and wonderfully voiced character, but also for the necessary backing of support FOR the project to be seen through, and the activity and diligence necessary to push it to something truly astounding. She is a vital component for success in any given project.

  • @explicitcensor

    The epic and sacred package that is the voice actor AKP is one without an equivalent value! They not only provide high-quality performances but they also take the time to advise fellow actors! Although the project I am one with them has run smoothly, they gave me great advice on how to spot a good casting call once I explained my plight with a different job! Top tier, 20/10, do recommend!

  • @rippilie

    AKP, AKP- what can be said about AKP That hasn't already been said? AKP is wonderful and incredible and an absolute joy to work with- she always gets lines in incredibly quickly and delivers them with enthusiasm and passion. She puts 200% into every line she delivers and is incredible motivating and not afraid to set lose and have fun with memes. She goes above and beyond with what she does and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for an incredible VA with an amazing range and fantastic quality.

  • @magicem

    I've worked with AKP multiple times before both as cast mates and them voicing for me. AKP is very talented and very enjoyable to work with, though not all projects they've been in of mine have gotten done due to life, they put in their best effort and always try their hardest. I strongly vouch and recommend them!