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    About Danganronpa: Confronting Despair

    Hello! My name is ArticGalaxy but you can call me Artic, i made this casting call page because I’ve always wanted to make my own game and I thought a Danganronpa fangame would be perfect for me to start! I’m in a game design class in school and learning what I need to make this and I hope I can make this project come true! This project I’ve put my heart into, I’ve spent hours and hours making these characters feel like they belong in such a unique world. I have been drawing characters for a long time and these are the first insanely fleshed out characters. They all have their own problems and backstories and I hope you all get attached to them like I have. So without further ado here’s some info about how this is going to work.


    What is this project?

    This project is a Danganronpa Fangame I will be making. With help from my friends I want this to be a close Danganronpa game. It might take a while but I want this project to be successful. Here's a little excerpt of the story: Sixteen students with incredible talents find themselves trapped in an abandoned mansion, with no memory of when or how they got there. Everyone wants to escape, but there’s only one way out- murder. In a game where lives are at stake, no one can be trusted. Trapped in the shadow of the mansion’s mysterious past, the students’ hopes will be put to the ultimate test.


    How is casting going to work?

    I will be listening to the auditions with a friend to see the best voice to fit for each character. I will not be auditioning myself so you guys can audition! If you have any questions you can chat with me on my discord (ArticGalaxy #1541) and the deadline will be two weeks after I put this up.

    What do you need?

    18 voice actors, 1 or 2 more artists, and at least 3 coders who know what the heck they are doing (because I can’t code to save my life and I want this game to work)


    What is progress like right now?

    I know the order of who dies in each chapter, I have the executions ready for the killers. I started working on their pixel sprites, and I’m starting to work on how people get murdered, but after this project goes up I will be taking a small break because I have been working mostly non stop on this project so before I start the story I’ll be taking a break.


    Requirements to try out?

    Have a good mic. A blue snowball is the lowest quality I’ll accept, this also may take a while before this game finishes so be prepared to be committed to this, I need all the help I can get and the more people committed to this project the easier it will be for me.

     I will put the link to the discord below so you can join and know more about the progress of the game and people who are helping make this possible.


    Here’s the link to the Danganronpa: Confronting Despair discord!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold