The artist formerly known as Lapis26619C now finally able to change my display name for free. If you like my auditions, maybe check out my longer form practice VA work in the demo section here

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About SDCHatchetfield

Sophia 🦇 22 💚 she/her ⚰️ based in the US 🔮 wannabe goth

I've been voice acting for about four years now, mainly working in Danganronpa and comic book based fan projects (I have lost interest in DR, though, so I'm mainly looking for superhero related projects atm). Outside of voice acting, I'm also a writer, and I'm currently focused mainly on audio drama writing and comic script writing. I also have a let's play channel with some of my friends called Casually Discordant!

The best way to contact me is here, by email, or on Discord (though I prefer to leave email and Discord to people that I'm working with/know)

Thanks for checking out my profile, and I hope we work together soon!

  • @squaremedia

    Really great at capturing the craziness and personality of one of my characters. Sent files immediately with good communication and multiple extra takes, pleasure to work with!

  • @kyp-goldenflier

    A great voice actress. Really talented. She delivered an mazing performance to the main heroine of this short film, which is Helena Bertinelli, A.K.A. the Huntress.