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About Creepypasta Life Webtoon Comic Dub

(The deadline says March 31 2021 but it really depends on how long it'll take to find the right voice.)

This is a for a comic dub I'm making of my Webtoon Creepypasta Life on CANVAS! The video pretty much sums up the important things to know before auditioning, but here's a recap!

1. This is a NON-PROFITABLE project! This project is made for voice actors who want to get their names to be heard! Since, you won't be getting paid, here are all the perks you'll receive if you get selected:

- A Voice Actor role in the CPL Discord ("discord.me/creepypastalife")

- A chance to join future live streams with other cast members.

- Shoutouts in Webtoon episodes and Youtube videos.

- I'll occasionally do free drawing requests for your channel or other social medias.

2. Please WATCH THE VIDEO before auditioning so you get a good idea of what the characters' voices should sound like. 

3. SAY ALL GIVEN LINES IN YOUR AUDITION. I've written all the lines you have to say for each character and the context of them. 

4. Unlike other projects, I don't require a professional mic. As long as the audio quality is good and your voice fits the character, then you're good!

5. This comic is 13+! If you're under the age of 13, then please don't audition. This comic has a bit of gore in it but not too much since I know there're some young readers.

6. After you audition, please give me a way to contact you incase you get selected! (Instagram or Discord preferably) I'll try to comment on each audition so you please try to check regularly if possible.

About the Creator: palmycomix

I'm an aspiring animator/illustrator with the hopes of having my stories be heard and inspiring others! My audience on my Webtoon "Creepypasta Life" is currently over 189k. I hope to make the creepypasta community even bigger with this comic and show people that it actually isn't as scary as it seems.

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