Hello, my name is Noah Keawekane, I have done voice-over professionally for over 5 years and I am experienced in Animation, Video games, and Live action Dubbing! I am based in Hilo Hawaii / Represented by CESD / LA Home studio Booth – Broadcast Quality and ready to record anything / I am a Native Ha

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David Boat - 2024

Voice over with David boat - Video games and Animation

Instructed by David Boat

The ever daunting... Audition process... The clear and cloudy sides that waver so drastically in the audition process for an actor to get any particular 'gig' is one that is constantly analyzed. David hopes to give you a leg up on your next audition, while giving you key elements to keep working on as you continue to not only try and land the next role - but kicking butt in each session.

Kristen Paiva - Animation Casting Director for Disney - 2024

Voice over with Kristen Paiva - Animation Casting Director for Disney

Instructed by Kristen Paiva

Discover the secrets to crafting extraordinary characters and mastering informed decisions that catapult your role into the spotlight. But wait, there's more! Learn the art of adlibbing and injecting humor to amplify auditions. It's not just about breathing life into a character; it's about infusing your unique humor that not only bags the role but also wins the room. Get ready to think fast and let your funny side steal the show! Adlib Mastery: Unveiling the Timing and Techniques Decoding Casting Directors: What They Listen For The Art of Character Development: Unraveling its Depths


$3 / Per line / $100 - minimum suggested

This is a viable indie rate for projects such as visual novels, Steam games, YouTube animations, small mobile games without major funding etc. While you generally won't be able to attract the same talent as with the higher per-line rates, you will be able to find freelancers in online communities and on social media.

What Noflers is looking for

Noah Keawekane is a passionate and creative individual with a deep-seated dream of making a mark in the realms of animation, video games, and commercials through his captivating voice. Born with a natural talent for vocal expression, Noah's journey towards becoming a sought-after voice artist has been nothing short of inspiring.

From an early age, Noah found solace and joy in bringing characters to life through his voice. His ability to infuse emotion, personality, and nuance into his vocal performances sets him apart in the competitive world of voice acting. His voice possesses a versatile quality, allowing him to seamlessly transition between various tones, moods, and character types.

Noah's fascination with animation stems from his appreciation for the art of storytelling. He envisions himself lending his voice to animated characters, breathing life into their dialogues and enhancing the overall narrative. Whether it's the whimsical charm of a children's animation or the gripping intensity of a mature storyline, Noah is determined to contribute his vocal prowess to projects that leave a lasting impact.

In the realm of video games, Noah aspires to be the voice behind iconic characters that resonate with players. Understanding the immersive nature of gaming, he aims to provide a dynamic and memorable auditory experience, enhancing the player's connection to the virtual worlds they explore. His enthusiasm for interactive storytelling drives him to explore diverse genres, from action-packed adventures to emotionally charged narratives.

Commercials present yet another avenue for Noah to showcase his talents. With a keen understanding of the power of persuasion, he envisions himself as the voice that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression. Whether it's a product advertisement, a public service announcement, or a promotional campaign, Noah is committed to delivering messages with impact and authenticity.

Noah Keawekane's journey is marked by his unwavering dedication to honing his craft and staying attuned to industry trends. Armed with a voice that can evoke a range of emotions and a determination to make a meaningful contribution to the worlds of animation, video games, and commercials, Noah is poised to become a formidable force in the realm of voiceovers.

  • @rubyjcat

    Noah voiced for my video game dubbing project.
    He always had consistent response times, was willing to resolve technical issues and provided additional lines with a quick turnaround.
    When it came to performance, he showed a great understanding of emotion as he was able to pull off a character that had two different personalities, as well as make subtle changes within them to bring out layers of personality in a single role.
    Noah is a very passionate actor who is always striving to improve his acting and audio quality. I would say he has a real shot in the VA industry at this rate.

  • @faith-arts

    Did an awesome job. He put in a lot of effort into the voice acting, and really gave my character personality. He's good at playing villains and has managed to turn in a lot of his lines early.

  • @jayce_ghoul

    In my time of knowing Noah, they have been kind to me and encouraging in the lowest times I've been in. Their work ethic, communication skills, and most importantly their attitude is one that any person would want to work with. I highly recommend Noah on any project, as they will deliver with soul and passion.

  • @pydite

    Noah did an amazing job with the voice work for the character. Additionally, he got his work done in a timely manner and was incredibly kind throughout the process.