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Michael Michael's Previously Completed Works

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    About [ AUDIO DRAMA ] A General's Allegory ( Will be uploaded on Youtube! )


    "They 'won' the moment they left us behind."

    Setnava Cloverfield is an army general who've plowed through countless wars and rebellions. This tale features the general's blinded empathy, bloodstained heart and her merciless exhibitions after the many consecutive betrayals of her close allies. Experiences such as these have sculpted her into a wrathful and intolerant warmonger, unhesitatingly shedding blood with abandon of care.

    Unfortunately, her trampling force falls as she is severely wounded after being outsmarted by enemy forces. She flees barely, and her dying-self is luckily found by a village girl and was taken into their settlement to be treated. 

    Little did she know that it was enemy territory.



    There will be more to the story, it's just an appetizer since I am not very well-versed with making  descriptions.

     TL;DR It features a female general with trust issues which leads to her downfall. She then gets treated by the villagers, and unbeknownst to her is actually from the enemy's faction. This drama will focus on how she has become so blinded by war, betrayal and rebellions that she had failed to notice the beauty of culture, life, and even the simple pleasures of oranges filling her tastebuds that were riddled with tasteless, dry and bland rations.
    This non-profit project will be a 10-20 minute drama CD. If it becomes famous enough, voice actors/actresses will be asked for a callback. It will be uploaded to Youtube, and you will be credited for your work.

    I will be doing the editing, and will be on-search for music producers.


    *Must be committed to the role.
    *No background noise/clipping please. 
    *I will be giving positions on the tenth, twentieth and thirtieth day of October.
    *If you can produce music for this project, please inform me.
    *This project has no pay.


    *The female lead must be reachable for when the drama gains popularity, she will be requested for a callback.

    About the Creator: MichaelMichael

    My name is Michael.

    Hello, I am a voice actor in Dubai. I am from the Philippines. I am passionate in voice acting, writing. and I am also a digital artist.

    I voice act for free as of now, and my voice ranges from low to medium-high. Very happy to play the antagonist role.

    Currently, I am working at an audio-visual drama project called 'A General's Allegory.' I am the illustrator, writer and director of the project.

    My Discord is Aurelius Machaviez#1066

    Please state your name and if you found me by this website if you want to make a collaboration.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold