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Project Umbra's Previously Completed Works

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    About Castlevania: Umbra of Sorrow (1999 Fan Project)


    Due to the nature of this as a fan project based upon an existing intellectual property, at this time we unfortunately cannot feel comfortable offering paid roles to any and all auditioning actors. While it is possible this may change in the future, it is unlikely that such an outcome is probable. We apologize for this, as we truly would love nothing more than to be able to pay actors new and old for their talents, but the legality of the project's standing is such that doing so would in all likelihood result in getting everyone involved caught in some very hot water, and we feel it better to have to disappointingly reject the notion of paid roles than to potentially land others in that hot water alongside us. We really are very sorry about this, and hope you can understand our standing on the matter. We're only trying to look out for the little guy and not get anyone into serious legal trouble.

    Castlevania: Umbra of Sorrow is a fan project focused on developing a platonic interpretation of the Demon Castle War arc by researching, respecting and tying plot points left unresolved by Koji Igarashi's canon and other unresolved details scattered through the entire Castlevania storyline.

    Even though there are projects that have the Demon Castle War as their subject matter, there were still no efforts in producing a story-focused one for this arc that takes the main canon in utmost consideration. The goal of this project is to use 1999 as a stage to resolve several questions with logical solutions, with big emphasis on "connecting the dots", using all of the official Castlevania lore as the foundation.

    This project has no pretention to be an ultimate answer or overwrite anyone's own headcanon. Its only goal is to provide a believable, entertaining interpretation of the Demon Castle War.

    Plot Summary:

    After centuries of consistent defeat at the hands of vampire hunters, a prophecy was rediscovered foretelling the resurrection of Count Dracula in the year of 1999, who will finally plunge the world in terror and agony.

    Julius Belmont will reclaim the role of his ancestors, and will be the first Belmont to inherit the sacred Vampire Killer whip after 200 years since it was last wielded by someone of his same bloodline.

    Along with agents of the Church, Shinto priests and even a military force, Julius will be sent on a mission to thwart the revival of the Dark Lord before the prophecy can become reality with Dracula rising from his grave to destroy mankind. He is also destined to face a rival with ties to his family's past, and whose name arose from ancestral times to take down the Dark Lord by themselves using a special weapon thought to have vanished in the mists of time...

    Project Details:

    -Project/Game Length: Estimated with much planning and forethought to be approximately triple the size of the belovedSymphony of the Night, with a larger focus on narrative and storytelling elements.

    -Project Timeframe: As we on the development team all have our own lives and jobs and other matters going about outside of our computer monitors, the timeframe is at the moment indefinite. We have estimates of how long ideally it might all take, but these are purely idealistic and not even remotely practical. "Years" is a good way to paraphrase it.

    -Actor Turnaround: As per the above, while we have our own internal development deadlines, we do our best to be flexible and not set them in stone if we cannot guarantee it due to other matters getting in the way of development time. Likewise, this would extend to acting cast members--to stay on to the end of the project and its eventual release is a longterm commitment that will in all likelihood have large gaps of downtime for everyone when schedules don't line up practically. As a result, we understand what this would be asking of actors, and would not hold them to the project in any form against their will. Voicework will be assigned on a per-case, as-needed basis, with the schedule(s) of the cast being taken into primary consideration as a small measure of compensation for the longterm commitment the project will require.

    -Additional roles: In accordance with the above, we are also only releasing roles as we come across the points of development where we need them. This is partly due to some characters having more dialogue and fleshing-out than others (wouldn't want to give auditioning actors too little information to work off of, after all), but more because of the aforementioned long development times and commitment schedules. It wouldn't do anyone any good to throw a role up that we won't need for a very long time, cast someone, and then make them sit around twiddling their thumbs for months (or more likely longer) on end before we have anything to give them. Releasing roles as we need them makes casting easier on us as well as ensuring we don't inadvertently waste the valuable time of our acting cast, when they could have instead spent that time fulfilling their talents and making a name for themselves on other projects in the interim (which we wholeheartedly support, by the way--if you're cast and we have downtime with nothing to give you yet, absolutely look elsewhere in the meantime--it's your voiceover career, after all, and we have no intention of hampering it, deliberately or otherwise!).

    If you're interested in the project, but don't see a role that's available or quite to your liking, be sure to check back periodically! We'll definitely be updating this page with the many additional characters and extras as they come along their development path.

    Recording Requirements/Preferences:

    -Decent microphone quality: While we're not a large studio with access to Neumann U87s here (we can dream, though!), we do have a standard of preferential quality we're aiming for, and we've set the bar rather high for everyone involved. Below-par recording quality is not, however, an automatic out, as we're not on any sort of timecrunch and that allows for the potential to clean up audio or procure better equipment. Decent recording quality is preferred, but by no means mandatory at this point in time.

    -No background noise, or as little as possible: Similar premise to the above. We're not in a position to hire professionals here, and understand the plight of the hobbyist voiceover artist. If auditioners have the means to try and filter out any background noise, then please do so. If they do not, we have the ability to help out to that end--but of course, it wouldn't be particularly practical to have to do it EVERY single time. Again, if you can filter it out, kindly do, if you can't, don't let it deter you from auditioning. A fan blowing in the back of the room does not affect your ability as an actor or actress, and we're not about to treat it as such. Quality acting is more important than flawless waveform quality.

    Additional Notes:

    -The project deadline, and therefore this casting call's deadline, is as of this moment indefinite. The three-month deadline listed is merely the allotted maximum, and will be prone to extensions accordingly.

    -Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we understand what it is we're asking of potential actors and actresses, and the somewhat unorthodox working environment it presents. But if nothing else, know that despite how high we've set the quality bar for the project as a whole, our overall team approach is rather lax and easygoing by comparison, so as to avoid undue stress and burnout from the longterm development of the project at large. Know that we will not hold or bar any potential castmember from coming and going at their leisure if that is indeed their choice, for we hold ourselves in the same regard of "if you feel you must go, then go with our best regards and well-wishes" as we would hold any of you. These types of things take a very long time to see bear fruit, and we've all been around the block enough times to want to take all the time necessary to create and provide a quality product than try and rush ourselves and release something lesser than what it could have been.

    We might be developing a project about Dracula, but we are by no means draconian.

    *All artwork displayed and seen on this page are courtesy of our incredible artist, Junki Sakuraba. If desired, more of his work may be seen here: 

    **For more information about the project, consult its development thread! 

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