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    About Call of Cthulhu one shot, voices wanted!

    Hello, thank you for coming to this casting call! As we are getting to the spooky time of the year, I decided to invite my friends to a little game of Call of Cthulhu the role playing game. I wanted to go extra for them such as adding costumes, props and music. Then the idea hit me! Extra voices that are scripted which will happen when the players do certain things. 

    A bit about the game - So the game is based around the Jack the Ripper case in 1888. A detective called Benjamin Barker thought it possible that what the police were facing was not entirely human. He made ties with many different types of people to slowly gather information and proof. Detectives, spiritualists, an anthropologist and a psychologist. He became close friends with these people (the players) but when he finally found a lead, he went alone only telling his friends he found something. 2 Weeks later and no one has heard or seen Ben, worried they all gather to where they usually met him and found others who are also worried about Ben. Together they re-trace his steps to find him and possibly find Jack the Ripper.
    In the end they will find Jacks abode and find out Jack is a powerful warlock gathering souls and body parts for his sick experiments in giving him more power. However Jack has made a 'family' to protect him - other monsters that will keep people away from reaching him. Lets hope the players take precautions and find a way to survive long enough to find their friend...

    So over all I am looking for certain voices to be specific characters that tie into my players backgrounds, a narrator, and some 'friendly local' monster voices. The monsters in this game are quite human like and they can find out a persons fear and mimic it and that's what feeds them their powers.The greater the players fear becomes the stronger the monster becomes.


    1. Accents - The setting is London 1888 around the infamous Jack the Ripper case. So RP/British accents may be favored for some characters but it's not essential.
    2. Decent mic -  I don't mind if there is some background white noise 
    3. Have Discord - I plan to use discord as main form of communicating and sending out lines.
    4. Edits -  If you are to edit your audition lines then I ask if you could add one take unedited then one take edited. 
    5. Have fun and Experiment!!! - I go by the three take rule, try the lines in different ways as you may be a perfect fit for minor roles as well.

    There is a possibility we may record this session and I will edit it to be listened to in a podcast format. It may go up on soundcloud or may not but if we are to record it I will send copies out to all the cast members and anyone who asks for it as I wish for the cast to listen to the fruits of their labour.

    About the Creator: Ruth Mc

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold