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    About Battle Royale | Season 1


    Welcome to Battle Royale by Crossover X! Inspired by the likes of Death Battle, Fatal Fiction, Cartoon Fight Club, and Deadliest Warrior: Manny, Chelsea, Rick Rocker, and FACTS will analyze two or more fictional characters to see who would win in a fight- playground rules style! But, of course, the host's voices have already been spoken for. We are here to discuss if you would like to voice for the exuberant amount of fighters that will be featured in future episodes. If you would be so kind as to read on, you can start on your auditions today. 


    Given the nature of Battle Royale, we obviously can't list all of the episodes (given spoilers and blah-blah-blah-blahhibity blah). Basically, we aren't revealing all the episodes of Season 1 in Casting Call Club at once, but rather will be gradually updating it with the new episodes to fit that time frame. There will be a time frame for auditions for each pair of fighters (or more) that come up and if there are no auditions or we could not find one suitable by the time limit, then we will move on and not feature any voice acting for that episode. Nothing against you all, of course, but we would like to stay on schedule. If you want your talent featured, then all you have to do is audition for the character you want before the deadline. Simple enough!


    Please follow these given rules when auditioning for Battle Royale:

    1. 1.  Audition for fighters that you are able to voice decent impressions for.
    2. 2. Please audition as many times as you like if you are seeking to improve. Your most recent audition will be taken into account when deciding.
    3. 3. Audition before the deadline.
    4. 4. Please have a decent enough microphone and quality for performance. While static at a minimum is fine (since that can be easily remedied in editing), please keep your volume high and static as low as you can possibly make it. Please adjust your Gain properly before the recording sess for the best results.
    5. 5. Do your absolute best! Even if you're not chosen, we may even come back to you at a later date if we feel your voice matches a different fighter perfectly. So don't worry yourself too much.


    Q: I have static, can I still audition?
    A: Yes! We will be reviewing the voice itself, not the quality of your microphone. Simply say nothing on your audition for a minimum for 3 to 5 seconds and let your static play. This way, we have a neat noise profile to edit out! Though, high-quality mics will take some precedent over lower quality ones.

    Q: Will I get paid for this?
    A: Given the circumstances of the channel, we, unfortunately, can not pay our voice actors or other staff on the show. In the future, given if we are successful in finance, will pay you back at our earliest convenience. We will negotiate a price then. 

    Q: So I'm a girl and am able to voice this guy...
    A: Awesome! Gender does not change what are you are and aren't able to perform as. Audition as normal. You will be graded just like the rest of the auditions. This goes for guys as well! 

    Q: What happens if I'm casted for a role?
    A: We will contact you and ask for simple contact information or we will go through the system that Casting Call Club has in place. Either way, you can expect a highlighted battle script exceptionally soon once you are picked. Thanks for trying and congratulations for being accepted!

    Q: Do I have to give out my real name for this?
    A: Not at all! We understand the confidentiality that comes with giving out your name. The project that is Battle Royale understands that those who wish to go into the Professional Industry of Voice Acting, may have a harder time since Abridged series and Machinimas utilizing other IPs are bound to get blacklisted by big companies. If you want to keep it a secret, your secret is safe with us. ;)

    Q: I have this social media account and...
    A: Say no more! We will do everything in our power to promote you and your work even if you make a great audition for us. A little love never hurts anyone. Thanks for participating.


    Season 0:
    Episode 0-1: Samus vs. Mega Man (Metroid vs. Mega Man Classic)
    Episode 0-2: White Ranger vs. Leonardo (MMPR vs. TMNT)
    Episode 0-3: Batman vs. Punisher (DC vs. Marvel)

    Season 1:
    Episode 1: Mewtwo vs. BlackWarGreymon (Pokémon vs. Digimon)
    Episode 2: Sub-Zero vs. Kula Diamond (Mortal Kombat vs. King of Fighters)
    Episode 3: Guts vs. Wolverine (Berserk vs. Marvel)
    Episode 4: Leone vs. Yang (Akame ga Kill! vs. RWBY) *currently being casted for*

    All in all, best of luck! Thanks for reading and happy auditioning!
    ~Crossover X

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold