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About joshuatobackva

Hello there! My name is JTVA or Josh, and I'm a voice actor, editor, writer, and director! I'm also a streamer who does live reads of the story of Fate/Grand Order. 


$2 - $3 per line depending on the project size!

  • @legendbydesign

    Josh (JTVA) was in my first ever comic dub a while back. He played the part well and really captured the essence of what I was looking for. Josh is dedicated, hard working and always willing to help. Highly recommend him!

  • @hiitsjali

    He really took the character and made it his own. He had a lot of emotions to manage towards the end when he had to add some comedy in to an otherwise tragic ending and he nailed it. Audio quality was wonderful, communication was great. I'd love to work with him again in the future!